RunLog 3-6-17 A Really Good Day

Two runs today!

The winds have subsided…well mostly, but even so it was still a northerly breeze and the temps this morning still a bit chilly.

Run #1

Mary graciously offered to walk Bennie so I could just run this morning without enjoying his company. I do love to run with him, but more so in places like down-back or off the beaten track where there is not much traffic to contend with. Plus he runs like the spastic pup that he is and when it is single digits for temps I prefer to do a steadier pace in that kind of weather.

It keeps the muscles and tendons in one piece, whereas with Bennie the sudden starts, stops, 0-60, twists and turns have caused a few complaints from those body parts more than a few times.

The run itself was what I wanted a nice steady pace (except coming back up the Bitch), at a pace that was comfortable, but enough to keep the heart rate in the 140’s. No particular major aches or pains, just the usual ones that never seem to go away at this point in life (ankles).

Well it was that way until I ran the last 3/4 of a mile with the Bean. He wasn’t happy that I had left him behind and let me know all about it. He enjoys our runs even when it is single digits out there and took off like the Flash, then when I was only plodding along – let me know what pokey butt I was.

The 860 v5’s did well and I can tell there is something going on in the right foot, things seems to be shifting around in there a little, some of the tendons are a bit sore as they are stretching to accommodate the new found freedom my forefoot now has. However, I ain’t going back to the toe stranglers again for a while.

  • Distance: 5.1
  • Time: 45:49
  • Pace: 8:58
  • Avg HR:  144
  • Cadence: 167
  • Shoes: New Balance 860 v6

Run #2

Yeah, treadmill run, the weather was decent outside, but at lunch sometimes it is just easier to get in and get the run done on the conveyor belt. I started off at 7.6 mph and held it there right to the end. However, like a dummy I didn’t start the watch until .67 – dummy. I didn’t have any issues maintaining the pace and could have gone faster if I had wanted to.

The AB3’s are right at the new narrow limit of what I will run for shoes. However, when I was looking at the outsole of the AB3’s I noticed a strange (for me) wear pattern of the mid foot is wearing pretty hard, while the heels are still in great shape. I am a little disappointed with the amount of wear I am starting to see at just over 130 miles. Especially after reading all the great stuff about adidas outsoles and how great they last. If I remember correctly they changed the outsole composition in the AB3. All I can say is for me they definitely didn’t do themselves or their reputation any favors with the new outsole.

If they keep this wear up, I don’t see them having a whole lot of outsole left on the midfoot after 200-250 miles. They are racing shoes and that is what most get 200-300 miles, but I had different expectations from adidas based on their reputation. So yes, I am a little disappointed.

  • Distance: 4.0
  • Time: 31:39
  • Pace: 7:55
  • Avg HR:  149
  • Cadence: 175
  • Shoes: adidas Adios 3

Overall, a really good day of running. I got it done on the colder run in the morning and then had a really good sub 8:00 paced 4.0 miles in the afternoon. I just have to remember to take an easy day tomorrow.

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