Treadmill – RunLog 3-7-17

After yesterday’s double, today’s run was a planned easy one.

That planning thing is usually is a recipe for me going out and doing some sort of Harold being Harold stoopidity. Not doing what is planned is a problem for me.

Guess what!!!

I did something very different today.

I got on the treadmill at lunch time, set the treadmill to 7.0 mph and left it there for 3.0 miles. The run itself was just a nice run. One where I was not pushing to maintain the pace. Nothing I couldn’t keep up for several more miles.

Although I did play a little on the last 0.1…yeah I popped the treadmill up to 9.1 mph just to stretch out the legs. It did feel good and I was smiling when I finished that little kick. I haven’t really been doing much in the way of real speed work and have been focusing more on getting in the miles to get my base in.

Yeah, I am an old fool who just enjoys running faster than his body is ready to do.

So I did what I planned for the 3.0 miles.

Well…close enough.

I will probably run a 5K race this month, just to see how bad of shape I am in for racing.  I have a feeling that my first race this year will be closer to 24:00, just based on how I am feeling.

My goal for the year is to break 22:00 for the 5K this year, tough but doable.

  • Distance: 3.10
  • Time: 26:14
  • Pace: 8:28
  • Shoes: New Balance 860 v5
  • Average Heart Rate: 131
  • Average Cadence: 171

The 860 v5’s just worked. I didn’t think about the shoes during the run and my feet didn’t talk nasty to me, which is what I want.

I almost stuck with my original plan. 😉