A Great Eight – RunLog 3-10-17

KIMG0298I took today off work and it was simply mahvelous.

The day started off early, but it was relaxing and I did get a few things done around the house that I wanted to work on.

Although the biggest thing I wanted to accomplish today was getting my long run in, before that arctic blast, another polar vortex comes in this weekend. Below 0*F wind chills and crap just ain’t gonna cut it for doing long runs outside.

I needed to walk Bennie at 9:00 and the temps were just  bone chilling (it felt colder, a LOT colder than the thermometer was saying) and I was going back and forth about whether I would even run outside in this weather, much less doing a longer run outside.

At 10:00 AM this morning the temps were still only 20*F, overcast and it felt like a little stronger than the 3mph breeze going on. You can tell that I wanted to get my longer run done outside pretty badly and not have to go run on the treadmill again, because that temp/wind combo is about as low as I will go to run to Augusta. I have done colder long runs, but the combination of the point-to-point routes I use to get into Augusta and that kind of cold, do not make for what I consider a safe run.

After I got in trouble a few years, doing a long run in similar conditions, I have a lot of respect for how cold 20*F actually is and how quickly things can go badly if you do not respect it.

The run itself was one of those where you have to keep playing tricks on your mind. You damn well when you start you are going to do just over 8.0 miles, but the cold makes you question whether or not you actually will. So you say I will just do to Annie’s Store and I can turn around if the conditions are too cold. Then you tell yourself I will turn-around at the 3 mile mark and just run home. Finally, when you get past the 4.0 mile point, it is less running and will be to keep going versus turning around into the wind and having to run back up the Bitch.

Then you get to count down the miles and they really doesn’t sound so bad. Hell I can 3.0 miles any day of the week, only 2.0 left – that is a piece of cake, 1.0 to go, let’s pick up the pace a little.

When I finished everything felt great and I wished that I had told Mary to pick me up at the Rail Trail (which would have been 11.0 miles). However, I had told her that I would meet her in a particular place and didn’t want have her looking all over hells half-acre to find her “missing” husband. While I would be cooling my heels someplace other than where I said I would be, getting chilled in the cold, after working up a pretty good sweat. Gotta keep the people who pick you up on those kind of runs happy, so they will be willing to do it again.

Actually I maintained a nice steady 8:40 to 9:00 minute pace and didn’t feel bad about running at anytime. It was the mental part of running in cold weather that I had to battle today.

  • Distance: 8.17
  • Time: 1:11:58
  • Pace: 8:49
  • Shoes: New Balance 860 v5
  • Average Heart Rate: 143
  • Average Cadence: 170

The roads were clear and the shoulders frozen solid, so you needed to watch out for icy patches and uneven frozen ground. I did have to stop once for a driveway that was solid ice and a truck was coming, so I wouldn’t have to run on the ice. After the truck went by, I navigated around the icy patch. However, I think that is where I lost some time and had the only split over 9:00 minute pace – a 9:01 mile.


How did the 860 v5’s do on their first longer run outside? What – I was wearing shoes, oh yeah, they did just fine and are quickly becoming a favorite pair of running shoes. I like the outsole design a lot better than the v6 and while didn’t try to pick up the pace  with them on today, I could have without any issues.

Overall a very nice longer run, even though it was a bit chilly and not too bad for an older fart, who earlier was whining way too much about getting old. 🙂

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