The Treadmill Called – RunLog 3-11-17

The older I get the less I enjoy getting outside in subzero weather. This morning the temps were 0*F and the wind chills were under -20. Not my idea of ideal running weather by any stretch of the imagination.

It didn’t get any warmer as the day went along and the wind gusts were just miserable.

After taking Bennie for his 5:00 minutes out in this grand weather – he decided that the bed, with the sun shining through the window was a better idea than being outside shivering his arse off.


At that point, I also knew that the treadmill was calling me.

I headed off to Planet Fitness and played on the treadmill.

I am not opposed to running on the treadmill, it is a nice tool to help ensure your get your miles in safely or hit a particular workout. However, it is March and there have been too damn many miles of treadmill running this winter. I am more than ready to do the majority of my miles outside again.

So my mind is not enthusiastic about running on them now, but with the weather being so freaking wonky this year, instead of the normal Mid March temp of mid 30’s to 40’s, we are getting sub-zero temps/wind chills – it ain’t cool, but it is still cold.

The 5.0 miles on the treadmill were just that 5.0 miles on the treadmill. I set the speed at 7.0 mph and kept it there for the entire run. Maintaining the pace wasn’t a problem and even though I did 8.0+ yesterday, I still felt pretty good.

I had thought about doing a little more, but the bathroom starting calling my name and I figured out pretty quickly that 5.0 miles was enough.

  • Distance: 5.0 miles
  • Time: 42:42
  • Pace: 8:32
  • Shoes: New Balance 860 v5
  • Avg Heart Rate: 151
  • Avg Cadence: 170

This afternoon, I did make my old size 9.0 PI N1 Trails into screw shoes. Now that I have been wearing EE width in size 8.0’s for a while, the PI’s just don’t feel comfortable and they are definitely too narrow. I could wear them for a few miles (which is about all I would do in screw shoes). However, when I wore them as work shoes the other day, my right foot was bothering a little by the end of the day, so they have become screw shoes.

The other change is my size 9.0 Mizuno Kazan’s have become my work-around the house shoes. Walking in them ain’t bad, but after about an hour or two they begin to bother my right foot. So they should be good for the type of stuff I do around the house and outside chores. I had to do something because my Cascadia 8’s were killing my feet every time I put them on.

The AB3’s outsoles are wearing a lot faster than I expected them too, which means that I have to baby them to later in the in spring or summer for replacement. I don’t run fast that often, so they should make it. I am wondering do I really need faster shoes, except for race day, when I am not really that fast anymore. Something to really think more about.

These changes mean that I am down to 2 shoes for most of my running and wearing to work. Which isn’t ideal, but I think I can deal with it for a while. However, I would like one more pair of shoes and am looking another pair of New Balance EE’s — we will see.

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