The Calm Before the Storm – RunLog 3-13-17

Screenshot_20170313-092919Well we are supposed to get any where from 12-20 inches new snow from the N’oreastah that gonna blow through tomorrow and Wednesday.

Yeah, yippee and all that other crap. I want the damn thing to go out to sea and miss us completely – ain’t likely but I can hope.

Knowing that Tuesday, into Wednesday are going to be catch as catch can when it comes to running, I definitely wanted to get a couple of runs in today.

Run #1

Since I ran on the treadmill twice this weekend, I just didn’t want to do another treadmill workout this morning. The temp when I start was 9*F (yeah, singled digits again) and -3*F with the wind chills – so it was a bit nippy.

Mary was nice enough to walk Bennie, so I could focus on running. By the time I finished it was 12*F/0*F so it had warmed up a “little”.

The driveway is down to bare dirt, so the predicted 12-20″ of snow is gonna change that.

Actually the breeze didn’t feel all that bad and while I didn’t push too much I still was running quite well for the temps. Usually I have hard time getting my breathing right, especially at the start when it is this cold, but once I got down the hill, my body figured things out and I was able to run comfortably. At least until I started running back up the Bitch (which is just a tough hill) and I didn’t push too hard.

I did meet Mary by the other end of Howard and offered to take Bennie. He was a bit of a wild dog and was pulling the leash all over the place. Bennie was not all that happy with being left behind when I went out for my run and acted out a little for about a half mile and then settled down and ran, until the last 200 yards when he knew I was gonna stop-he wasn’t ready to.

I had to get ready for work, so we did stop and Bennie gave me the WTF look and walked back to the house only as a Jack Russell in a huff can walk. I chuckled and went into the house.

  • Decent run.
  • Distance: 5.04
  • Time: 44:19
  • Pace: 8:48
  • Shoes: New Balance 860 v5
  • Average Heart Rate: 153
  • Average Cadence: 168

Run #2

Back to the treadmill, it was nice outside high 20’s and very little wind, hell it was almost beach weather, well at least a bit balmy. Unfortunately,  I didn’t have any of my outside gear, so indoors it was.

At the last-minute I decided that I would do a little faster workout. I have been doing fivers at 8:30 to 9:00 minute pace and needed to stretch the legs out a bit. Besides I was bored with just doing 7.0 mph and holding it there.

So I did

  • .5 @ 7.6 mph
  • .25 @ 8.1 mph
  • .25 @ 8.6 mph – 1.0
  • .25 @ 7.2 mph
  • .25 @ 8.6 mph
  • .25 @ 7.2 mph
  • .25 @ 8.6 mph – 2.0
  • .25 @ 7.2 mph
  • .25 @ 8.6 mph
  • .20 @ 7.2 mph
  • .20 @ 8.6 mph
  • .20 @ 9.1 mph

I actually felt really strong during the faster repeats and still had enough that I could have done more if I had had more time. One thing I have to work on is keeping my right hand up, when I am starting to get tired. At 2.75 miles I dropped it just a little and brushed the stop button, which shut everything down and it took me about 30 seconds to get things going again.

Needless to say I was very happy with the faster workout.

  • Distance: 3.1
  • Time: 23:00
  • Pace: 7:25
  • Shoes: adidas Adios 3
  • Average Heart Rate: 135
  • Average Cadence: 178

It is almost like when I run faster, that I run better, until my lack or limited conditioning catches up with me. I know an obvious statement, but the heart rate differences between the slower 5.0 miler outside on the roads and the faster workout on the treadmill are pretty interesting to me and I want to see if this pattern continues.

A very good day of running.

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