Tired and Not Into It – RunLog 3-16-17

The last couple of days finally caught up with me.

It was single-digit temps and even though the roads were clear this morning, I just didn’t have enough mojo to do more than walk Bean and get ready for work.

As the day went on I just felt more and more run-down. Even so, at lunch I decided to go to the gym and planned on doing 5-6 miles on the treadmill.

You know that kind of Harold being Harold thing that I do every so often.

Once I there I reluctantly got on the treadmill, set it to 7.0 mph and started, hoping that I would feel better as the run went along. I sort of kind of did after the first mile and started to feel like picking up the pace, so at 2.0 miles, I bumped it up to 7.1 mph.

I know, I know, it was a huge jump in speed, but it was all I had today.

I got to 3.0 miles and felt like shite, but I didn’t want to stop at this point. So I continued, it wasn’t pretty, I felt worse than whale dung and by the time I got to 4.0 miles it was time to quit.

No 5 or 6 miles today, just getting to 4.0 was an accomplishment in my book.

Not a great day of running, but the running got done.

  • Distance: 4.0
  • Time: 34:02
  • Pace: 8:31
  • Shoes: New Balance Vazee Rush v2
  • Average H/R: 140
  • Average Cadence 170

The V/Rush did quite good at the slower pace, they didn’t feel nearly as stiff as yesterday and I focused pretty hard on my mechanics just to see how they helped or got in the way of how I run. No issues at all and surprisingly for having run two days in a row in lower drop shoes have not bothered my calves at all.

Since I am going up to Newport tomorrow to take Dad out for his birthday, hopefully, I will get a chance to run outside up there afterwards. I plan on leaving the Rush at home and running in the 860 v5’s. If the weather is decent I will do the 6.0 mile loop around Camp Benson, if not it sounds like a great rest day.

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