Unexpected Rest Day – RunLog 3-17-17

I had a 15 day mini running streak interrupted by a day off. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the best of intentions, but…well let’s talk about it.

Today is my Grandson Elyjah’s 9th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to him

Sunday is Dad’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad.

I did take the day off work and went North to spend some time with Dad and figured that after visiting, I would go run around Newport and think back to another day and time, when life was different. Not always better, but definitely different from the life I lead today.

Didn’t happen, when I left Dad’s I turned left, instead of right and decided to pass up the opportunity to run in Newport – save it for a different day. My visits with Dad tend to leave me in a good mood, but one where I think about…well lots of things.

Stuff that doesn’t get shared anywhere.

I did stop at the New Balance Factory outlet store in Skowhegan and picked up some shorts and a t-shirt. Can you believe it I wasn’t even tempted to pick up a pair of shoes – I really don’t need any right now. However, the socks were definitely needed.

After that I thought about running my 6-8 mile loop starting at Colby, but as I got closer to the turn, I remembered that I had a couple of errands to do, so I went and did those and didn’t run in Waterville. One the way back to Sidney, I thought about doing a Home to Augusta, but when I got home something told that wasn’t in the plan.

Which meant that instead of doing something in the 5-8 mile range today, it became a rest day. Which is probably the best use of today, after this past week.

It was definitely needed.

I am also reading the “The Monster War” A King’s Blade novel, in which the characters are given a name that suites their personalities.


Which got me to thinking about what I would give myself for a name…drumroll please.


Lots of reasons for this choice, but I think it fits what people get with me – the unexpected. I don’t fit certain stereotypes, don’t always do things the way everyone does and surprise myself sometimes when/how I do things.

So the name seems to fit this old fart.

No running, but a busy rest day and a lot was unexpectedly accomplished.

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