A Quicker Run – RunLog 3-18-17

Yes, yesterday’s day off was definitely needed and the legs, body and mind all felt better as a result. Which meant that I wanted to get the Vazee Rush v2’s out for a quicker run down to Pepin and see how they performed off the treadmill, but not anything at race pace – my body ain’t ready for that yet.


Of course, Bennie was ready to run and would have been a real pissant if I had left him behind after not too many runs this week. Yeah, he went along or is that he lead most of the way.

I worked on my mechanics until we started down the Bitch, just to get used to the feel of the V/Rush v2’s outside. I know that I run differently outside than I do on the treadmill and I needed to get used to the Rush since they have about half the drop that I have been running in recently. Continue reading “A Quicker Run – RunLog 3-18-17”

The Weather – It Is What It Is

Over the last week, you might have heard me spit and sputter a bit about the weather again. It is called whining and bitchin about the weather and I am an expert at it.

This winter has been one of “those” winters where we have had 3 major snowstorms, an ice storm, more than a few smaller snowstorms and lots of cold days – you know the kind of weather you expect if you live in Maine.

From the January Storm

However, since the Weather has become big business and prime time infotainment, it almost seems as though we have had the worst winter ever – every winter, hell let’s be real – every storm, if you listen to certain channels or weather reporters.

Reporting on the weather has become so much hype and hoopla that a pretty normal winter, seems a LOT worse than it actually has been. Yeah, getting storms with 16, 30 and 19 inches of snow are a pain in the arse to deal with during and after they are over, but nothing new around heah. We might whine a little while they are going on and when we are cleaning up Continue reading “The Weather – It Is What It Is”