The Weather – It Is What It Is

Over the last week, you might have heard me spit and sputter a bit about the weather again. It is called whining and bitchin about the weather and I am an expert at it.

This winter has been one of “those” winters where we have had 3 major snowstorms, an ice storm, more than a few smaller snowstorms and lots of cold days – you know the kind of weather you expect if you live in Maine.

From the January Storm

However, since the Weather has become big business and prime time infotainment, it almost seems as though we have had the worst winter ever – every winter, hell let’s be real – every storm, if you listen to certain channels or weather reporters.

Reporting on the weather has become so much hype and hoopla that a pretty normal winter, seems a LOT worse than it actually has been. Yeah, getting storms with 16, 30 and 19 inches of snow are a pain in the arse to deal with during and after they are over, but nothing new around heah. We might whine a little while they are going on and when we are cleaning up


Sub-freezing or even sub-zero temps in winter are what we expect, even though we do tend to get tired of them by the time March rolls around.

Weather from March 11, 2017

Our expectations for the weather during winter seems to be changing based on the perceptions that the infotainmentization of the weather reporting gives us. That every new storm is possibly a life threatening catastrophe that we barely cling to life, limb and property each time one comes through.

Which is bullshit.

Yeah, if you are stupid, stay outside too long without the proper gear, get in accident, lose power for extended periods or there are floods that is one thing, but for the most part we seem to ride out and recover from all this winter weather quite nicely and have for many years now.


We might grouse, complain and dare I say even whine about how the weather impacts our ability to do things beyond the confines of our homes, but this winter has actually been a pretty typical winter.

Athough we did get spoiled by that warm-up we had before we went back into the deep-freeze.

By March, just like every past winter, most of us are ready for it to be over and move on to warmer weather and the whining begins in earnest.

I appreciate all of my Southern friends and family who offer the advice that we move down there to escape the blowing snow and cold, but there are good reasons for me to accept that I will never move down there and that I will gladly whine about snow and cold.

Let’s begin with snakes, big-arse hairy spiders, gators, did I say poisonous snakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, big arse snakes, damned hot and muggy days and oh yeah, did I mention those long thin things with fangs. hehehehe, can you tell that I ain’t too crazy about snakes.

Back when I retired from the Coast Guard, I decided to come back to Maine and I really don’t have a lot of interest in going much of anywhere else – even to visit. I am actually quite happy up heah and will more than likely end my days whining about the cold and snow at some point in the future.

Like Chief Hart told me my first week on the SPAR, “a bitchin sailor is a happy sailor and I will have you bitchin about something pretty damn quick”. He did and now I bitch just a bit about the weather, so I must be pretty damn happy.

Besides no amount of infotainment or reporting on the weather is going to change it one bit. Mother Nature is going do what she wants and we just suck it up, bitch a little and get on with life as we know it.

Yeah, the weather is what it is.

Although days that start out in single-digits in the middle of March, do make running outside rather miserable. Especially, when I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of running on the treadmill. 🙂

My final whine of the day today about the weather, well maybe. hehehee


Although I will be glad to see the 8 feet of snow in my front yard gone.

2 thoughts on “The Weather – It Is What It Is

  1. It is funny – there is whining about the weather, whining about the whining, whining if the forecast is wrong (storm is smaller), whining if the storm is larger, whining after the storm about the clean-up (I don’t know how many times I heard about how THEY don’t know how to clean up snow like the OTHER town/county/state does this week) … but I can guarantee you it will happen again for the NEXT storm. That is life!

    Some people whine about getting stuck away from home an extra few days when there was no reason for planes to be grounded in advance of the storm … oh wait, that was ME this week! hehe

    1. We do the same thing up heah, you can definitely tell when you get to different town lines, which ones do things differently and they definitely do and we do whine about it.

      Like Chief Hart told me a bitchin sailor is a happy sailor. If we ain’t whining about something, then something is really wrong. You had reason to whine about that and that ain’t whining that is complaining which has a completely different level and meaning than whining hehehehe

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