Cut-Back Week – 3-19-17

Every 3-4 weeks or so, I like, want and need to have a cut-back week, where I reduce my mileage, relax, eat worse and don’t worry so much about running — well I still think about it and act as if I am going to do more, but not actually get out the door as much as I want to.

That fake myself out to get some rest and recuperation time.

Yes, it is a concession to being older, but it is also doing something that I have never been that good at – being smarter about my running, instead of  always doing Harold being Harold stuff.

Week in REview 3-19-17It probably helped that we had a blizzard in the middle of the week (the snow removal always wears me out), it has been single digits to start the day way too often and that I am getting tired of running on the treadmill. When you put all of that together – well a cut-back week happens pretty organically.  Continue reading “Cut-Back Week – 3-19-17”