Cut-Back Week – 3-19-17

Every 3-4 weeks or so, I like, want and need to have a cut-back week, where I reduce my mileage, relax, eat worse and don’t worry so much about running — well I still think about it and act as if I am going to do more, but not actually get out the door as much as I want to.

That fake myself out to get some rest and recuperation time.

Yes, it is a concession to being older, but it is also doing something that I have never been that good at – being smarter about my running, instead of  always doing Harold being Harold stuff.

Week in REview 3-19-17It probably helped that we had a blizzard in the middle of the week (the snow removal always wears me out), it has been single digits to start the day way too often and that I am getting tired of running on the treadmill. When you put all of that together – well a cut-back week happens pretty organically. 

On both of the days that I took off most of the rest of the week, I had plenty of opportunity to run, have a regular 40 mile week, but when it came right down to it – I think that I knew that I needed the rest more than another run or the extra miles.


I did get another pair of EE width New Balance shoes this week, so that I have 3 pair of running/work shoes that I can wear comfortably – yeah the extra 1/8 to 1/4 inch in width has made a difference in how the shoes fit my hobbit feet and my running has become much more comfortable.

After 3 runs in the Vazee Rush, I have a little concern about how my Plantar Fascia is doing in these shoes – time will tell on this though and if it does hold up…the Vazee Rush v2 is a 6mm drop shoe that came in at 8.8 oz, so it is that lighter-weight shoe that I can use as a trainer and for faster running, which is what I am really looking for.

When I ran in them on my test course yesterday they did everything I asked of them.

At this point in my running life, as long as they do not bother my PF, the Vazee Rush v2’s are probably enough shoe, but light enough for me to race and train in. Although I have a feeling that using it for long runs, other than in a race might be pushing them to my body’s limits – not the shoe’s.


The 860 v5 will be going over 50 miles this next week and I already know that I like them a lot more than the v6’s. The outsole is more versatile for where I live and they are about an ounce lighter, without all the extra’s that the Disney edition has on it and they felt fine on my long run in them. When I reach for a pair of trainers to run in or even go for a walk, I automatically go for the v5 – they just feel better on my feet.

Although I don’t think that I would get the 860’s again when the two pair I have are finished, the motion control features feel a little too supportive/controlling for how I run. Maybe the 880 or 1080 would be a better match as a companion shoe to the Vazee Rush – if they workout for me.

Overall, a nice week, where I was semi forced to reduce my mileage and semi acknowledged that it was probably a great week to do a cut-back to rest up and get some of the little owies healed before they get to be bigger ones.

I like the Vazee Rush v2’s, but am going to keep an eye on my left PF and see if it is Rush or  the heavier motion control of the 860’s that are bothering it, because I was having some minor stuff with it before I got the V/R’s. Time will tell.

Until then, I will keep golf balling, messaging and see how it does.

2 thoughts on “Cut-Back Week – 3-19-17

  1. Good to know that even after decades of running, you’re still fighting for the balance. But that shows it’s worth fighting for!
    Looks like a great week!

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