Shorts Day Outside – RunLog 3-21-17

After yesterday’s double (which I didn’t write about – just logged them in the spreadsheet), I knew that today would be a single-run day. I am really trying to not over do the running, especially when I am feeling “froggy”, err good. 😉

Looking away from the back of the Augusta Civic Center towards UMA. Still a bit of snow. The white on the road are salt marks.

Tuesdays are my 8-4 day at work, so I wanted to do a quick 3.0 miles at lunch and see how I felt. When I walked outside, it was pretty overcast and very little wind, but the temps were in the mid 40’s, which equals shorts weather in my book. So I went over to the UMA gym to change-up and run outside. Continue reading “Shorts Day Outside – RunLog 3-21-17”