Shorts Day Outside – RunLog 3-21-17

After yesterday’s double (which I didn’t write about – just logged them in the spreadsheet), I knew that today would be a single-run day. I am really trying to not over do the running, especially when I am feeling “froggy”, err good. 😉

Looking away from the back of the Augusta Civic Center towards UMA. Still a bit of snow. The white on the road are salt marks.

Tuesdays are my 8-4 day at work, so I wanted to do a quick 3.0 miles at lunch and see how I felt. When I walked outside, it was pretty overcast and very little wind, but the temps were in the mid 40’s, which equals shorts weather in my book. So I went over to the UMA gym to change-up and run outside.

Yes, I did wear shorts, short sleeve and long sleeve tech t-shirts and a pair of gloves (my hands are always cold). I started out pretty slowly and gradually picked it up, especially after the Big Apple convenience store on the corner. Then I did good until about halfway up the UMA main drive hill, after that until the top, I admit it – I struggled.

That damn hill is deceptive and hammers this old body. No, I don’t stop and crawl, but it sure as hell ain’t the same pace as I was doing before I turned the corner. Once I got to the top, I did pick it back up a little.

After that I did a more benign loop (although I did think about doing 2 laps, then I remembered how I felt on the hill and wimped out).

Yeah, I wimped out and didn’t want to attack “The Hill” again today. It will be a good hill for doing repeats on, especially that last half from the last storm drain up, but today was not that day. I don’t want to have any time pressures to get back to work, if I am going to do hill repeats on it.

The last mile was just going along comfortably hard and maintaining a good pace, with a little push for the last little bit.

  • Distance: 3.3
  • Time: 26:25
  • Pace: 8:00
  • Average Heart Rate: 136
  • Average Cadence: 170

I was more impressed with the average heart rate than anything else. I was under 140 bpm and still maintained an 8:00 minute pace. I considered this a comfortably hard run, where I didn’t push too hard, but wanted to move my fat arse a little quicker than usual outside – after all I was in shorts for a change.

I ran again in the New Balance Vazee Rush v2 and while the left PF was a little irritated, when I look back at my logs, it has been that way for a week or so – which means it started before I got them. That tells me it might not be the Rush that bother my PF so much and it might be the 860 v5’s, which I have been wearing an awful lot lately. The medial post in the 860 v5’s are more noticeable than anything I have worn for a stability shoe in a long time. I do like the fit and feel of the v5’s, but at the same time, they are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

So I will take a few days off of wearing them to see if the PF flare-up calms back down, if it does then I know the routine and what I will do going forward.

The Rush v2’s felt good during the whole run.

I did wear the adidas Adios 3 to work this morning, but by lunch time, it was time to take them off. Now that I have been wearing EE width shoes for over a month, wearing D-widths shoes for any length of time, just is not nearly as comfortable for me. I can get away with wearing the AB3’s for a short time, but I can’t wear them for hours at a time. They are put them on before a run and take them off when I get done shoes.

Another good run and one that I hope to repeat more than a few times over the coming months.

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