Outside and then Inside – RunLog 3-22-17

I wasn’t too sure about running outside this morning. When Bennie and I went on our morning walk, there was a significant amount of black ice on the road, but at least we could see where it was. Then about 5 minutes into the walk, the winds came up and shortly after that a white squall roared through.

Lots of black ice and then a white squall came through this morning. The winds came and made it single digit wind chills.

Normally, this ain’t a big deal, but combined with the black ice, which was now covered, well I waited a bit before we ran after breakfast. By the time we got out there things were melting a bit, plus the town crew had come through and put some sand down.

It just meant that I had to pay attention to where I was putting my feet and not push the pace too much while I was figuring out where the ice patches were on the first lap. Once I did that we did pick it up a little the rest of the way. Continue reading “Outside and then Inside – RunLog 3-22-17”