A Perfect January Day In March

Yeah, if this was January it is/was a perfect day, bright sunshine, bitterly cold, with negative numbers for the wind chill and LOTS of snow still hanging around.


Unfortunately, this is March 23rd, not January 23rd and the forecast for the next week really doesn’t look that awe inspiring by any stretch of the imagination. In the 20’s at night and 30’s during the day until late next week, when we might get into the 40’s again.

While Bennie and I were out walking this morning, we met one of the neighbors who was saying that the local weather guy said that if this weather forecasts hold true, this could be a top 5 coldest March on record. So I guess that I am not just whining about the weather this year for no reason.

Oh well, it is what it is, but damn I am tired of running in the cold, you know that single digits or below zero wind chill stuff or having to run on the treadmill to avoid it.

I ran twice yesterday, so today was a planned single run. Now, on Thursdays I prefer to run outside in the morning and then take the afternoon off, that way I get a long time off between my Thursday and Friday runs. However, with the chill winds this morning, I decided to skip the morning run, do a mile walk in the cold with Bennie and run on the treadmill at lunch today.

It was all in my head about not running this morning, that mental toughness thing that I don’t always have. Could I have run, sure…but I made the conscious choice not to. I just didn’t want to deal with single-digit wind chill today.

Treadmill Time

I needed this run, I had some work frustrations to get out of my system, but I was a good boy and set the treadmill at 7.0 mph and didn’t touch it again until I hit 4.0 miles. Although I could have easily have done a real screecher of a workout – I didn’t.

It was a nice easy run where I didn’t feel bad at any point. The hardest thing was not touching the damn increase the speed button ;-).

  • Distance: 4.0
  • Time: 34:01
  • Pace: 8:30
  • Average Heart rate: 137
  • Average Pace: 170

A nice run today and I did what I wanted – kept it easy, even though it would have been easy to hammer the treadmill today. I will be honest though, I will be glad when the weather gets to being able to run in shorts and t-shirt outside. 🙂

It will happen, but I have to be patient for a while longer – it seems.