Fighting A Bug – So I Ran – RunLog 3-25-17

Yeah, I know I am not the brightest bulb or sharpest tool in the shed on many days and yes, I also know the prevailing wisdom is that when you are feeling like shit, is that you rest and don’t go out and do something like running.

I know I ain’t normal and never want to be.

Let’s back up.

This morning I woke up with a pounding headache and really wasn’t into doing Bennie’s morning walk, but he has to walk, so we did our usual .8 and came back to eat breakfast. I felt tired and weak, even though I had slept pretty well, but it didn’t affect my appetite and I ate a good breakfast.


Then it was time to either take Bennie for his second walk or take him for a run. The roads were still pretty nasty from last night’s snow/rain mixed precip mess, so even though I wasn’t feeling great we headed down-back. It was safer than walking on the iced up roads.


I did wear my old PI N1 Trails that I had converted to screw shoes and they were fine in the traction department, but I could feel the right little toe being pushed into its neighbor way too much, compared to what I have become accustomed to in the EE width shoes. I was glad to get them off my feet when we got back.



When we did get back, I was completely wiped, yeah I know it was on snow, Steven’s Hill and all that stuff, but a 1.6 mile easy walk shouldn’t make me feel that bad. I sat on the couch to so some stuff and before I knew it I was in lala land. I woke up in time for lunch, stayed awake long enough to help make lunch, eat and help Mary do dishes then it was back to lala land.

I might do an after lunch bonding with Bennie whenever I can, but they are nothing like this. Both of those were complete zonking out and not hearing anything going on around me. When I woke up and still felt like crap, although the headache was a little better. So I forced myself to putter around and finally got so disgusted with feeling like crap that I decided to go run and either really feel like shit or force things to feel better.

That kill me now or cure me kind of thinking.

So that is how I ended up going for a run.

The run itself was surprisingly good.

I started off pretty slowly – at least that is how it felt. Then I started to pick up the pace a little here and there. At least that is what I thought I was doing. Now I haven’t been showing any of the graphs of my runs lately, because those are not really all that interesting for most people.

However, I will share this one and yes, it made me chuckle when I first saw it.

Capture 3-25-17

About the most consistently inconsistent run I have had in awhile, especially since while I was running, I felt like I was maintaining a pretty even pace. It looks more like I was doing interval training than anything.

However, I was surprised that I was able to run that well feeling as crappy as I was when I started.

  • Distance: 4:13
  • Time: 34:23
  • Pace: 8:20
  • Average H/R: 146
  • Average Cadence: 172

The Vazee Rush v2’s felt great on the run and didn’t really have a lot of pebbles in the outsole even though the road had a LOT of wet sand and salt on it from the icing we had overnight. Which I thought was a big deal and a very good thing. They just felt comfortable.

After I got back from my run, it was time to take Bennie for his last big walk of the day. So I added 2.0 more miles on the legs and got to walk/talk with Mary who came with us (an is feeling like crap too). The yechiness is mostly from the neck up, so the body was able to keep going.

I am debating on whether I want to run my long run in the Rush tomorrow or go a little more conservatively with my other shoes. However, I won’t find out how they do on a long run if I don’t do a long run in them, so I am really leaning towards using them and finding out now how they do versus later.

Now, the run didn’t kill me, but it didn’t cure me either. I am feeling a little better now than I did this morning, but nowhere near 100%. Hopefully, I am not getting what is going around at work for the 2nd or 3rd time – it is a nasty bug, but I am trying to kill it, before it takes me down.

Maybe the run was enough to beat it off – at least I sure as hell hope so.

We will see in the morning.

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