Feeling Better and a Good 8.0 – RunLog 8-26-17

Well the run yesterday didn’t kill and it seems like it helped to cure me. I woke up feeling a LOT better than yesterday morning. Just a slight headache that went away when I ate breakfast.

So I decided that I would do a long run this morning after I walked a couple of miles with Bennie.

Walking up back with Bennie, a lot more visually appealing than the run into Augusta.

The temps were still pretty chilly in the 20’s and with the breeze out of the east/southeast – pretty much the direction I would be heading once I got off the Middle/Bog Road.

Oh well, it wasn’t all that bad.

I did wear the Vazee Rush v2’s to see how they would do on a long run, so I started out pretty slow and when I was about half-way down the hill, one of the neighbors I know…well their dogs came at me as I was running. Nothing serious and when I raised my voice, they stopped, but it did make me slow down, stop, yell at them a little more and then slowly begin running again, while watching them to make sure they didn’t come out and follow me down the hill.

A pain in the butt, but it would scare someone who didn’t know the dogs, they look pretty mean one is a boxer and the other a German short-hair. Oh well, I will talk to the owner the next time I see them.

After that it was just steady running as you can see by my splits:

Capture 3-26-17

I was particularly impressed with miles 3-6 and how consistent my mile splits were during those miles. I wasn’t pushing the pace, just running comfortably and enjoying the run. Something that I haven’t been able to do lately, just due to the weather lately.

The traffic wasn’t too bad and when I did meet a vehicle they all moved over when they could, which was nice. Once I got on Outer Civic Center Drive, the wind was in my face, which made it a little harder to get a nice pace going – made me work a little bit to get in the 8:20’s.

Once I turned onto Leighton, I did pick it up a little and pushed the pace a little harder, not race pace, but enough that I had to pay attention to my breathing, which is something that I do need to work on.

Mary went by me right as I was cresting the last little bump and I did pickup the pace to a nice downhill kick.

The Rush did everything I asked of them and while I did start to notice my left Achilles a little the last 1.5 miles it wasn’t anything bad. The other minor thing was my left heel, it still hasn’t healed all the way yet and while it is a LOT better, it still needs some more time to be fully healed.

I don’t know if I would want to do a steady diet of long runs in the Rush, I tend to run a bit faster than I probably should in them, they just feel so smooth to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them in any race up to a half marathon and any kind of faster paced training run that I do. So far very happy with them.

Overall, a very good run.

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