Whining & a Good 5.0 – RunLog 3-31-17

After yesterday’s surprise day-off, mmmm I got lazy and decided that I didn’t want to run…so I didn’t. I think we all have days like that and sometimes, you just need a day off to re-charge the batteries. Although I did the same thing on Tuesday, so it might be a little more than that.

It is just a bad case of the winter blahs, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of…you guessed it – WINTER.

I am ready for it to fade away to a memory and not having to worry about battling ice, snow and frigid temps, just to get a run in. Whether it is actually running outside or going outside, so I can go run inside on the treadmill.

weather mapYeah, a bit of a whine, but I think what got me down the most was Saturday’s original forecast yesterday that announced another 6-12″ of heavy, wet, nasty stuff that is known locally as heart-attack snow. Continue reading “Whining & a Good 5.0 – RunLog 3-31-17”