Whining & a Good 5.0 – RunLog 3-31-17

After yesterday’s surprise day-off, mmmm I got lazy and decided that I didn’t want to run…so I didn’t. I think we all have days like that and sometimes, you just need a day off to re-charge the batteries. Although I did the same thing on Tuesday, so it might be a little more than that.

It is just a bad case of the winter blahs, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of…you guessed it – WINTER.

I am ready for it to fade away to a memory and not having to worry about battling ice, snow and frigid temps, just to get a run in. Whether it is actually running outside or going outside, so I can go run inside on the treadmill.

weather mapYeah, a bit of a whine, but I think what got me down the most was Saturday’s original forecast yesterday that announced another 6-12″ of heavy, wet, nasty stuff that is known locally as heart-attack snow.

Now it is more reasonable forecast of 2-6″ according to who you watch and where you live. Either way unless the two fronts they are watching change for the worse, this stuff will be gone by the end of next week.

However, I still would like to not be seeing out the living room window, that 6-8 feet of snow still on the front lawn.

Enough of the whining.

How was today’s run?

One of the better outside runs I have had in a while, without a doubt. It was 38*F with a cold and steady breeze out of the north, but it wasn’t horrible. I decided to just run 2.5 miles up Outer Civic Center Drive towards Sidney and then back, mostly because it has the breakdown lane to run in despite a LOT of traffic. Turns out that Bean’s Barber Shop is the turn-around from Planet Fitness.


I did see another runner out there, so that was nice and going out was against the wind and mostly uphill between miles 1 and 2. That was my slowest split at pretty close to 9:00 minute pace.

Although I did discover where they put a new to me Dunkin Donut in at the little store over there. Which gives me another option to get a coffee if I need one.

Coming back, I did pick up the pace and had a sub 8:00 for the last mile and I was pushing, but it was not by any stretch a race pace kind of push. Yes and I violated one of my strictest running rules on a busy road – to run facing traffic. It was so freaking busy that I never got around to changing sides, so for the run back to PF, I ran with traffic.

50 lashes with a wet noodle Harold, you know better.

  • Distance: 5.01
  • Time: 42:02
  • Pace: 8:24
  • Shoes: New Balance Vazee Rush v2
  • Average H/R: 153
  • Average Cadence: 170

The Rush went over 50 miles, so a review will be coming soon and they felt good to run in. The only issue I had during the run was my upper right calf felt a little tight. I did foam roll it pretty good when I got done and that seemed to help a lot.

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