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Month: April 2017

A Warmer Run :-) – RunLog 4-28-17

Happy Birthday Katie :-)! Today’s run was one of those easy runs that stayed easy. Which was exactly what the doctor ordered, err body, err just what I needed. Well […]

Foggy Run – RunLog 4-27-17

The temps were in the low 50’s, which was definitely shorts weather the only drawback was the fog, it was more than a bit thick in places. I wasn’t sure […]

A Few Adjustments

As much of a tech/gear head as I have been all of my life, sometimes it seems as though when it comes to running, I put the importance of gear […]

A Big Change In My Computing Habits

Remember I said that I was going to write about more than just running here, well this is one of those posts. Technology and I have been acquainted for many […]

A Surprising Day – RunLog 4-19-17

This morning was a throw-back to colder temps and wearing winter gear again. No it wasn’t THAT cold, but 38*F, cloudy with a bit of a breeze made it feel […]

A Bit Muddy – RunLog 4-15-17

Finally, we were able to run through down-back. The ice is off the road almost all the way through, just a couple of spots that are more in the shade […]