Another Month Bites the Dust – Month & Week in Review

Well there April is done and so is this week and no, I am not going to three blogs posts today to review my what I ran today, my week in review and add-on a monthly review. You get to hear all the boring stuff in one post.

My favorite photo from April.

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First Run Nike Vomero 11 – RunLog 4-29-17

Another new pair of shoes. Yeah, I was down to 2 pair of shoes I could wear comfortably for running, walking and work and I needed another pair. The 860 v5s & v6s caused my PF to bark way too much and the 880 v2s, well let’s just say they didn’t hold up too (there was a reason they were still around on the discount rack.

While I am liking my Saucony Guide 9’s, for a EE width shoe they are still a little too narrow for my Hobbit like feet. This was narrowing my choices down to Brooks, Mizuno or Nike’s EE width. Since Brooks never seem to fit quite right and Mizuno’s while they do okay, I never am totally happy running in them.


Which left Nike, the company that I have probably run in more shoes, than any other brand out there. I was concerned because the last time I tried on Nike Pegasus 33 and a couple of other styles, I had to size up to 9.5 or 10.0 to get the width needed to get them on my feet comfortably. Which left a sizable overhang on the toes.

Running Warehouse had a nice sale on Nike Vomero 11 in 8.0 EE and when you added in Sam’s RTR 10% off kicker, it was a reasonable price to experiment with a Nike wide and of the EE offerings the Vomero is the one that seemed to meet what I was looking for this time the most. Comfortable, cushioned and a nice riding shoe for longer runs. Continue reading “First Run Nike Vomero 11 – RunLog 4-29-17”

A Warmer Run :-) – RunLog 4-28-17

Happy Birthday Katie :-)!

Today’s run was one of those easy runs that stayed easy. Which was exactly what the doctor ordered, err body, err just what I needed. Well something like anyway.

The weather was warmish, 72*F, cloudy that turned sun almost as soon as I got out there, with a slight breeze, absolutely gorgeous weather for a nice walk, but a little warm for running (not that I will complain after this winter). So I did a LOT of sweating after that first mile.

I didn’t push, but I did maintain a steady pace throughout and I felt pretty good the whole way.

Today I wasn’t thrilled with the snugness of the Guide 9’s, I have a feeling that as the weather gets warmer, my feet swell a little more and causes the shoes to feel tighter than they might otherwise. So the G9’s might be limited to cooler weather, we will see.

A good run.

Saucony Guide 9 – 20 Runs Review

A bit of a change in how I decide when to review a pair of running shoes. Since I went away from basing my running on miles and started using time, having a 50 mile review seemed odd. When I thought about it, something that seems a little more accurate for me, is the number of runs that I did in a pair of running shoes.

Twenty runs seems to be a nice round number of times to run in a pair of running shoes. It is typically over 70 miles, but not quite to the 100 mile mark. I feel a little more comfortable reviewing shoes, with this level of experience than I do the lower bar of 50 miles.

Getting back to the review.

Well I have 20 runs in the Saucony Guide 9’s for a total of 12 hours and 30 minutes of running, plus more than a little time walking around in them. So I have a pretty good idea of how they are working for me and I am pretty sure they are broke in fairly well.

They are dirty, because they have been run in

In my journey into the world EE-width running shoes, I wanted to see if I could expand my options beyond New Balance’s offerings, to another brand that I have always loved – Saucony.

In the past the biggest issue I have had with Saucony shoes has always been the width of the toe box. So it seemed like a great idea to give their EE-width running shoes in my actual size 8.0’s a try. Continue reading “Saucony Guide 9 – 20 Runs Review”

Foggy Run – RunLog 4-27-17

The temps were in the low 50’s, which was definitely shorts weather the only drawback was the fog, it was more than a bit thick in places.


I wasn’t sure of where I was going to run this morning and didn’t chose the route until I got to the turns. Over the past week I have been feeling tired and there has been a lot going on, so I just went by feel.

No I didn’t go fast, but I did go up to the top of Bartlett and when I came back down, I did pick up the pace, not race pace, but a nice downhill surge and then went back to a slower pace going back on the dirt road.

Once I got up on top, I met up with Mary and Bennie out walking. Needless to say I couldn’t run by him and not take Bennie along with me.

He was ready to run and we did around a mile. Although in a couple of places he wanted to head in the woods and play with the deer that were hanging out there. Unfortunately, he was attached to a pretty big anchor and even though he didn’t get to run in the woods, he did get to run and had a big doggie grin when we finished.

Although, once I started running with Bennie, I did have to take off my glasses they fogged up so badly that I couldn’t see out of them.

It wasn’t hot, but it was definitely humid and I worked up just a bit of a sweat. A nice run where I felt good the whole way. πŸ™‚

Well the good news is that the snow is almost gone, by the end of this weekend, it should be all done – finally.


Running Old Tech – RunLog 4-25-17

Today is my 8-4 day and I actually managed to haul my lazy butt out of bed, get out the door and take Bennie for an early morning run. Usually, I am not into the early morning runs, but for some reason, I felt pretty good about getting out the door today.

The run itself felt strange because I wasn’t wearing my Garmin FR-35 with all the bells and whistles it has. It meant that I wouldn’t be able to upload all that wonderful data, think about how I was feeling when I the graph dipped way down and figure out all that other stuff that happened during the run.

Instead I focused on how my body was feeling, what Bennie was stopping to sniff and generally was more present in my run than I usually am. It was just a difference of perspective, instead of running to create data to look at after the run, I was running to create moments that I would remember. Continue reading “Running Old Tech – RunLog 4-25-17”

A Few Adjustments

As much of a tech/gear head as I have been all of my life, sometimes it seems as though when it comes to running, I put the importance of gear ahead of getting out there and simply doing.

time ironman watch

You know that always looking for that whatever thing-a-ma-jingy that will give me a little added zip, instead of focusing on the one thing that would do more for my running than any piece of running gear or pair of running shoes.

  • Run more consistently and train smahter.

Yeah, it is that simple and it has taken me far too many painful years to realize the truth of what I am writing, now if I could only do it better.

I am not going to make grand sweeping statements or attempt to change who I am overnight – it doesn’t work, but at the same time there are a few things that I can do to think about how and what I am doing.

Without any doubt whatsoever, I am obsessed with my mileage and pace. I want to know how far I have run, how long it took me to get there and how fast I did it, then add in mile splits, heart rate, stride length and cadence – all the time.

Why? Because I now can with the technology available to me.

Which after a few things that have occurred recently that have given me some food for thought and causes me to think that maybe some of this wearable tech is not as great as I once thought it was.

I have been thinking about this question more and more lately, is all this data necessary or even healthy for an aging middle of that pack runner?

After a lot of reflection this weekend, I have come to the conclusion that part of my problem is that I have too many data points, understand just enough to make me dangerous to myself and find myself dwelling too much on the little crap that will really ain’t helping me run all that much better than I have in the past – I just know more about how slow I am getting and when it happens.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if I focus more on the big picture that a lot of the little things will mostly take care of themselves.

So I am going to try a little experiment of one (me) and run with my trusty old Time Ironman watch for a while (again). That’s right running nakid: no GPS, no heart rate, nothing but focusing on the running and how I am feeling while running.

I know how to do this, since for most of my running life, this is how I ran.

Screenshot at 2017-04-25 19-53-07

The big change for me is that I have revamped my running log to be based primarily on time. I have tried a couple of times in the past to use time as the basis for my running, but always maintained both time and miles, after a while I found myself creeping back into tracking by miles because that is what I have always done.

This should prove interesting and we will see how it works out, I will miss Strava and seeing all the running/fitness activity data that I have available to me there and on Garmin Connect, but at the same time are all that I have been accumulating really necessary to run to run fairly well.

Oh, I will keep writing about my runs on my blog, but it will focus on how I feel, what I see and how often Bennie acts like a bonehead or motivates me to run a lot faster than I should – not numbers to crunch, munch and drool on.

Running Shoes


The second part is that — Yes, I know that I have a very healthy fascination or is that obsession with running shoes. It probably won’t go away completely – I know that much about me. However, a lot of the drooling and gotta have that new shoe will be taken care naturally.

So I foresee that my running shoe obsession will moderate – quite simply there just ain’t that many brands, models or makes of EE width running shoes and many of them are not the ones that I tend to drool over like Pavlov’s dogs…

Who knows, I might even wear a few pair out, now that they don’t hurt my damn feet. πŸ™‚


These changes are not earth shattering and won’t cause the little blue ball to suddenly stop spinning. Honestly, I have done/tried this stuff before with reducing technology in my running and the allure of the next shiny tech running gear or that new pair of shoes is an awfully strong siren’s song.

However, at some point, it comes down to what do I really need to run decently, not be overly obsessive about how I am doing and accepting that as I get older I will change how I run – that getting slower and having more aches/pains thing.

Someday I will finally find the right balance for me and what I want to accomplish as a runner.

A Few More Changes – Week In Review 4/23/17

Well there, a week of being sick, not feeling too bad, feeling like crap and back to just pushing through feeling like crap. I hate weeks like that, you aren’t feeling bad enough to stay home from work, but you sure as hell are not your normal, zippy self and just try to tough things out. That was pretty much the story of last week and then finally on Saturday – well I gave in.


For me to sit around and not do too much more than work on the computer, sleep and walk Bennie, well that means things ain’t all that good. I felt a bit better Sunday, but I am still not back to 100%, closer to 70%, so it will have to do.

Okay enough whining. Continue reading “A Few More Changes – Week In Review 4/23/17”

A Big Change In My Computing Habits

Remember I said that I was going to write about more than just running here, well this is one of those posts.

Technology and I have been acquainted for many years, but there have been storm clouds on the horizon for a few years now.


Over the past several years, well actually since Windows 1.0, I have been using Microsoft Windows products for my home computing needs and in many cases for work as well. For the most part Windows with a few notable exceptions has done well by me. I returned with hat in hand, after a forced trip into the world of Apple, when I was a teacher and had to use a Mac for a couple of years. Even then I had a Windows machine to bail me out of things when I needed one.

So I have been using the Windows OS for a while.

However, my expectations of what I want from my Operating System has changed over the years and it seems pretty evident that the Windows OS is going in a different direction than I am. Their ideas of privacy, usability and whose data is it (this is not just a Microsoft issue either) are different from mine.

Although if you connect your computer to the Internet, you do not have any real expectation of privacy, no matter what OS you use. Continue reading “A Big Change In My Computing Habits”

A Crappy Couple of Days – RunLog 4-22-17

After my 3.0 miles on the treadmill, when I shut down a planned 5.0 miler early yesterday, I just think everything caught up with me. I hadn’t felt great all week and not finishing that run just capped everything off.

Yes, something kind of damn bug is still making its rounds around at work and while I haven’t gotten whatever it is enough to stop me in my tracks or feel bad enough to call in sick, the constant lingering crap finally wore me down.

Even stubborn old farts get tired of feeling worse than usual.

Last night I got to talking with Mary and with all the rain/nastiness outside yesterday, the forecast of mid 30’s with a drizzle most of the day made me really think about how smart it would be for me to drive to Unity this morning. Simply to get my arse kicked because I am feeling like shite and probably do something stoopid like try to run faster than my conditioning or body is ready for. Thereby breaking/pulling or otherwise screwing up my body even more than it is.

You know the usual Harold the Destroyer mentality that I usually have about things. πŸ˜‰

Believe it or not, even though I pre-registered, I pretty much decided last night that unless the sun was shining and it was 50*F (not likely) that I wasn’t running it. When I looked out the window this morning, I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

It was an easy decision for a change.

I did walk Bennie three times, but that has been the extent of my exercise today. I am feeling a bit better and didn’t do a whole lot that was productive today.


Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow and get off my arse and do something productive. If I don’t then it will be two days in a row as a slug. πŸ˜‰