What I Learned in March 2017

All rightee then. We made it through March and even though I am getting to be an old fart I have learned a lot over the last month or so.

I say this every year about this time.

I am so frigging tired of the cold, snow, ice and running on the treadmill. I have done enough whining for 5 runners lately in other posts, so I will leave it at that. 🙂

However, I am more than ready for running in shorts and t-shirt weather.


My running has been going pretty good, although I did run into some Plantar heel pain in my left foot (more on that later), but other than the usual aches and pains that have accumulated over the years, I felt pretty good.

March 2017

I did get back to 150 miles for the month for the first time since November 2015. Which means I am pretty happy about that. It means that I have run pretty consistently in spite of the crappy weather we have had and the little issues I had with the initial stages of some PF problems. I did take 5 days off this month, two just because I was mentally worn out.

Running Shoes

I have learned that my right foot really likes the feel of EE width shoes!!! Although it is not a cure-all for everything that is wrong with my right foot, it is amazing to be able to run pretty much pain-free – I honestly didn’t know how much discomfort my right foot was enduring until I switched over to the wider shoes in February.


After running for more than 40 years in D-width running shoes, it is going to take more than a month or so, to get things back to where the discomfort is completely gone. Things have to heal and adjust to not being bound up like a sausage all the time.

The other thing I learned is that I get Plantar heel pain in my left foot and there ain’t a lot of rhyme or reason to it. My New Balance 860 v5’s which I really, really liked at about 30 miles started to bother my left heel area.


I initially blamed it on the Vazee Rush v2’s that I got about the same time. I thought they might be the cause since they are very similar to U/A Apollo v2’s that I returned last August for the same reason.

However, when I stopped running in the Rush’s, the heel pain kept getting worse and at the time I was running primarily in the 860 v5’s. Based on that I figured out that I needed to run in something else and have been running in primarily the Rush v2’s and 860 v6’s and guess what?

After a week and half, the heel pain abated to the point where I didn’t notice it when running.

Unfortunately, on Thursday, I wore the 860 v5’s to work and within 2 hours the pain in my left heel was back with a vengeance.

So I am pretty sure I have identified the cause. I think it has something to do with the medial posting in the left shoe, it is VERY noticeable. Even when I got them, I almost put them back, because that part of the shoe just felt a little too harsh for me and I think that it is the reason for them causing the heel pain.

Which is too bad because my right foot loves the 860 v5 EE’s, but it does mean they will be given away, since I can’t even wear them to work, without them bothering my heel.

Fortunately, the medial posting on the 860 v6 is slightly different and though I don’t like them as much as the v5’s, they don’t bother either foot. Which means that I can run in them, although I do feel the left heel area complain more in them than I do other shoes. It doesn’t hurt, I just notice it.

I am liking and running well in the New Balance Vazee Rush v2’s, the only problem that I have when I run in them is that I run a little too fast (for me), even on days I am planning to run a LOT slower. I will be doing a 50 mile review on them in the next week or so.


I will say one thing about the Vazee Rush v2’s, they are definitely a road shoe.

The reality is that

I definitely learned just because it is a EE width shoe, does not mean that it will automatically work for me and how my body works.

Part of what I learned is that I probably need to stay away from the support/motion control style running shoes. The little extra width probably does make that EE width shoe inherently more stable than its B or D-width counterparts, which lessens my need for extra support and the extra support puts additional pressure on the Plantar region of my left heel.

Hell, I don’t know if that is correct, but it sounds reasonable to me.

All I know is that I am liking the extra width and comfort that running in EE running shoes has given me and if it means that a more neutral running shoe will work fine for me, I am good with that.

Overall, once I get by the weather stuff that I go through just about every March, I learned a lot this month and had a pretty damn good month of running. Hopefully, with everything that I have learned in March, that I will run with less discomfort and more consistency for the rest of the year and beyond.

See you can teach an old dawg new stuff. 😉




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