The Whirlwind Has Settled Down – RunLog 4-3 to 4-5

Monday seems like a lifetime ago! There has been a bit of stuff happening, which zapped my interest in writing. Let’s back up a bit

I did run Monday and purposely ran slower than usual with Bennie, due to Sunday’s 8.0 miler, so there wasn’t a whole lot to write about anyways. At least nothing about the run really sticks out in my mind.

Just after 1:00 I get a call from my sister telling me Dad was in the hospital up in Pittsfield. I won’t get into the specifics (I respect his privacy), but it sounded pretty damn serious and just a bit after I was walking through the doors. Yeah, I was worried about him.

By 6:30 that night thank goodness everything was stabilized and I felt pretty comfortable leaving to go home and the next day he was released. Yes, it was serious, but Dad is a tough old bird and it takes a lot to keep him in the hospital.

I ran on the treadmill Tuesday and did a little faster run than I thought I would, but I didn’t have a lot of time to do more than 4.0 miles and got it done

This morning, it was a little slushy and misting just enough to be a pain, so I had to put my glasses in my pocket, so I could at least see a bit. You just had to make sure that you didn’t run in the slush and watch out for the black ice spots.

I ended up doing 5.1 miles and felt really good.

This afternoon, was another bout on the treadmill, oh I could have run outside, but I didn’t bring my outside stuff, so it would have been a bit chilly. I forced myself to stay on 7.0 mph for 2.0 miles, then popped up to 7.2 mph for 1.5 miles. The last half mile I did 4 –  .5 strides at 9.1 mph, with .5 rest @ 7.0 mph. The last stride was 9.2 mph for .15 and they all felt really good.

Just a quick summary of what was going on. Dad seems like he is going to be okay and I will be going up on Friday to see how he is doing.

So there is a lot going on.

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