Riding The Rollercoaster this Week – RunLog 4-6-17

Well I got my run in this morning before the rains came. That was probably the best part of the day.

Well let’s start with my morning run first.

No. I. Did. Not. Feel. Like. Running. this morning.

It was just one of those mornings where I really didn’t want to run or do anything – I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, with Dad going in the hospital Monday and even though he was released the next day, well you know, those kind of things bother you a lot more than you let on. You try to hide it from others, but you still ain’t really thinking about a lot else or sleeping all that great.

So I really wasn’t in the mood for running, but Bennie was acting like he REALLY needed to run (he is my coach after-all), so I figured we head out the door and see how I felt. The first mile sucked, the body felt all discombobulated. I thought of every excuse in the book to stop and walk it back – I didn’t.

One the second mile things were better, but not by any great shakes, but the lethargy and brain fog started to lift a little. The body started to cooperate and actually let me run. By the time I headed back up the Bitch, I wasn’t running fast, but I wasn’t making excuses to stop and actually went up that hill fairly well.

The last mile was pretty good and the last quarter-mile I picked up the pace a tad bit, nothing spectacular, but at one point, I could almost feel faded memories of how I used to run – well it was more of a fast gliding than running.

It was a fun thing, to remember that feeling of gliding along, hardly feeling my feet landing on the pavement, then when I realized what was happening, I over-thought the moment and lost it. Going back to my old man’s shuffle for the last 50 yards, felt so damn clumsy compared to that gliding sensation that I had experienced for a moment in time.

However, I know hidden somewhere deep inside this old fart’s body is that runner I used to be and every once in a while, it manages to find its way out to shock the hell out of me. I know that gliding feeling won’t last long anymore, but it was nice to feel it again for a few seconds. I can always dream about harnessing it…stop it Harold. Enjoy the glide when it happens, but the days of running that way are behind you old man.

I have made a slight change to the New Balance Vazee Rush v2’s, they felt just a little to firm/harsh for me. So I took the inserts out of the 860 v5’s that are causing me other problems and put them in the Rush. I like the different feel that changing out the insole has made. I tend to vary my foot strike at different stages of a run and as I get tired the old heel striker comes out and the 860 insole gives just that little extra cushion feel, to not bother as much when I do heel strike. I will probably do a long run in them this weekend to see how much of difference this change does make.

The bad news. Unfortunately, when I was at work this afternoon, I got a call that Dad went back in the hospital and will be there for a while. I went back up to Pittsfield this afternoon and I have feeling will be riding a roller coaster for a bit.

I said I wanted to write about more than running, but writing about Dad being in the hospital, ain’t all that much fun. Growing up with him wasn’t all Ozzie and Harriet or anything close, but we have made our peace, buried the past and he is an important part of my life now. It is tough to see someone you love go through these kind of things.

Until next time, keep smiling and good things can happen.