A Quick 5.0 & Something New – RunLog 4-7-17

I had planned for a couple of weeks to take today off from work and with everything going on this week, it was pretty much-needed. Dad is stable again and went through some tests today, which meant that if I had gone up, I would have just been in the way, plus I am sure that he didn’t need another person yakking at him. I know that I hate having a lot of people around when I ain’t feeling great and I KNOW he doesn’t like it.

So I stayed in contact with my sister to stay informed about what happening and yeah, I went for a run…well two of them.


Which meant that Bennie and I headed down to the Hallowell section of the Rail Trail to run 5-6 miles this morning. Now when the thing is when you take Bennie anywhere new, he has to check everything out, mark his new territory and is just a pain in the arse for that first mile or so.

So I don’t expect much of anything in the first mile of these kind of runs. Continue reading “A Quick 5.0 & Something New – RunLog 4-7-17”