A Quick 5.0 & Something New – RunLog 4-7-17

I had planned for a couple of weeks to take today off from work and with everything going on this week, it was pretty much-needed. Dad is stable again and went through some tests today, which meant that if I had gone up, I would have just been in the way, plus I am sure that he didn’t need another person yakking at him. I know that I hate having a lot of people around when I ain’t feeling great and I KNOW he doesn’t like it.

So I stayed in contact with my sister to stay informed about what happening and yeah, I went for a run…well two of them.


Which meant that Bennie and I headed down to the Hallowell section of the Rail Trail to run 5-6 miles this morning. Now when the thing is when you take Bennie anywhere new, he has to check everything out, mark his new territory and is just a pain in the arse for that first mile or so.

So I don’t expect much of anything in the first mile of these kind of runs.

After that he did really well until we caught up with a Golden Retriever, who for some reason Bennie really wanted to take him on. So that was a fun 200 yards to keep him going forward, when he was trying to go back and “talk” to the other dog. Once we got going again, he did well until we turned around and went back by the dog again.

This was his first run on the Rail Trail in a while, so he has to re-learn his manners. It will take a bit, but he does get it through his one-track mind, you know, that we only do what he wants…well eventually.

Strava Stats 4-7-17

I swear it looks like we were doing intervals and yes, we did pick up the pace quite nicely going down the hill at the end.

We did pick up the pace a bit the last couple of miles and we did come across another dog and while he did better, he still wasn’t where he needs to be. Then when we got ready to cross the road, I noticed that a vehicle was coming down the trail, the town crew was doing some kind of check and were coming across the bridge, so we waited until they went by, before we finished up.

The Vazee Rush v2’s did everything I wanted from them and the change of insoles is making a difference in my perception of cushion/comfort in these shoes. Very happy with how they felt.

Run #2

I got in my new pair of shoes. Yeah another pair, since the 860 v5’s messed up my left heel, I have needed another pair in the rotation. I prefer the 860 v6’s for wearing to work, they have a bit too much motion control for how I run – I think.

I decided on the Saucony Guide 9’s, also I wanted to know if the EE width in Saucony was similar to the New Balance or not.


Everything seemed to be in the wheelhouse of what I want from my daily trainers, so I chose them.


Walking around in them, they felt stiff and firm, but the thing that I was mostly worried about was the toe box width, which usually is the reason I can’t wear Saucony shoes in my proper size. The Guide 9’s in EE width are pretty much split the difference between a regular D-width and New Balance EE-width. I wouldn’t want them to be any narrower, but when I ran in them, they seemed to fit fine.

According to some of the reviews I read, they also do break in nicely, so I plan on giving them a good try, like I did with the PI N2’s, which needed a little longer break in for me.

On the run itself, they felt cushioned and well-mannered. Although I did have a pretty hard 5.0 miler this morning, I was able to keep a decent pace without pushing. Overall a nice first run in new shoes.

More to come after my run tomorrow in them.

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