What a Gorgeous Day – RunLog 4-9-17

I really wanted to do a longer run today, but things didn’t quite work out that way.

In other words Bennie had other ideas and instead we ran down to Pepin again. It is about the only run, other than running laps that we can safely do from home. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this flare-up of PF is going to hang around for a while, but it hasn’t stopped me from running too often yet.

We started out pretty good and going down the hill we were just running comfortably. When we got on Shepard, Bennie went into chase mode for a bit. Then I picked it up a little going down to the end of Pepin. Coming out was a little tougher with a steady 6-10 mph breeze out of the north, but that is what ou get this time of year.

Once we hit Shepard there was freaking traffic everywhere and we had to stop in a driveway to let the vehicles go by. Of course as we were going through the S curves on the Bitch a SUV went by and Bennie went into 4-paw drive. So we did push a little harder than usual going up the Bitch and tied the second fastest time going up it.

I had just about got my breathing back to normal and had started to pick up the pace and noticed that the neighbor was out working in his yard. Yeah, the dogs were out, so I turned down Howard to lessen the exposure to them. Unfortunately, Sassy (the little ankle-biter) ran into the road and followed us down Howard – yeah the neighbors were yelling at their dog. She is the one that has bitten Mary before, but luckily they grabbed the lab before he could get in the road.

We stopped and let her catch up and then I scruffed her and held her down until the owner got there all apologetic. Once Sassy catches up to us, when it is just me and the lab isn’t with her, she kind of flops down and lets me grab her, then sniffs at Bennie.

Speaking of Bennie he did really good and didn’t try to take her head off like he usually does. But then again, when she comes at us I get so focused in on her, that I don’t hear or see a lot else going until I have her under control.

No harm, no foul, just a little inconvenience of having to stop and added a little excitement to the day. I just hope that they figure out a way to keep her in the yard when people go by, because with the better weather and more people using the road, she could get hit, if she keeps going in the road. Not something I want to be a part of.

Once that happened Bennie wasn’t into running, he wanted to go back and see what kind of mischief he could get going. So I tugged him along the best I could and eventually he sort of got back to running. By then, I just wanted it over with.

So it was another decent run, but the Plantar Faciitis in the left foot is beginning to bother a little more than I like. The G9’s did fine and seem to be stretching out just enough to let me run comfortably in them, it might be helping that I am stretching them a little extra with a small flashlight. Whatever it takes.

Run #2

Well allergy season is now in full swing, so that means sneezing, running eyes and feeling like shit, in addition to my Plantar Faciitis acting up, so of course I had to run again, before going out to Big G’s for supper. If I was going have a big supper, I needed to get a little more running in.

Mary is dog sitting in Waterville this weekend, so I drove in and did the Messalonskee Stream Loop. Now I am not all that keen on doing this loop where it starts going uphill pretty good to get over to MST, the downhill part is nice though.

I was worried about the MST trail itself, because they didn’t plow it this winter and there were spots that were nice and clear, but there were also many spots that were slush ice and a lot of wet areas. Those sections did slow me down pretty good, but the G9’s did as good as most trail shoes would have on that stuff and shed the stuff on bottoms pretty quickly. Once I got off the trail, I was starting to get a little tired, but was able to maintain a pretty good pace anyway.

Overall two pretty good runs inspite of battling some PF issues.

Yeah the Mathieu Fitness sandwich at Big G’s was as tasty as I remember, although they no longer have it in lavash bread, but a whole wheat wrap was still tasty. The best part is that we both have supper for tomorrow night.

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