First Shorts & T-shirt This 2017 – RunLog 4-10-17

It was bright sunshine and mid 40’s this morning – about perfect running weather.

Despite the great weather, we still have a bunch of snow to get rid of

I didn’t feel like running up that big old hill, that I call the Bitch this morning, it does aggravate the PF I am battling lately – hills ain’t its friend and I have run up it 3 out of the last 4 days. So I didn’t feel too guilty about doing something else.

Unfortunately, heading out to someplace exotic to run with Bennie just couldn’t happen, that thing called having to go into to work for 11:00 AM. So we did the boring run, doing laps on top.

I purposely ran slower than I have been. I only picked up the effort when Bennie raced a few vehicles.

Not anything special, but it was 5.0 more miles in the book.

The Saucony Guide 9’s are definitely growing on me.


Run #2

Gorgeous sunshine at 66*F with an 8 mph breeze out of the South. Yeah absolutely gorgeous and there was no way in hell I was running on a treadmill with that kind of weather outside.

First shorts and t-shirt run of the year and I didn’t push the pace, well the last little bit I might have picked it up a little, but nothing super fast. Otherwise it was a nice consistent pace and I even managed to work up a little sweat.

So two more runs and I felt pretty good about both of them for different reasons.

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