Too Much Going On – Week In Review 4-9-17

Yeah, too damn much going on this week, Dad’s hospital visits, battling some Plantar Faciitis crap and still trying to get a few miles in.


First and foremost.

Dad is doing okay, he went inpatient to the hospital twice this week, which got everyone a bit stressed out, got a couple of transfusions, stress tested, was told by one doctor that he was just getting old and could go home for the second time (same one who released him too soon the first time), who in turn got told to not to bother ever come back by my sister and after that change treatment improved a lot.

A little excitement, a few chuckles and more than a little worrying about him made for a very long week. However, while he is still weak, he seems to be stable, home and hopefully making progress. Time will tell on this one.


I did get in 40 miles this week, I still am not sure how, between the trips up to Pittsfield, work, battling PF in my left foot and everything else, well I am surprised at the total for the week.

week in review 4-9-17

I am definitely not complaining too much and I did figure the why on the PF, the 860’s are a bit too harsh with their medial support and stiffness. I love the way they fit, but are little too far on the motion control continuum for the way that I run and what my body needs for support.

Although I am trying an experiment and drilled 8 holes in the medial post of both shoes of the 860 v6’s to see if that softens them up a bit. Ray C on Facebook recommended trying that and I will be interested to see if it makes any difference at all. However, I will wait a couple of days before wearing the 860’s again and let the heel heal a bit first.

I hate the idea of how many shoes I have one through already this year and yet I added another pair this week. Since I figured out that my Hobbit feet need at least EE shoes to be comfortable, it might take a little experimentation to get the right combination of fit, feel and comfort. I really want more than one pair of shoes to run in and wear to work daily. Basically I needed another pair – you can read more about my why’s here.


That is why the Saucony Guide 9’s came into the house, the price was right and they met all of my wants in the stats department. Although I came very close to sending them back because a Saucony EE is not as wide as a New Balance EE or maybe the toe box is a little shallower. Either way the G9’s are definitely more snug than my 860s. So far I have about 15 miles on them and they seem to be breaking in nicely, although I am artificially stretching them a little more by putting a small flashlight in sideways to push the fabric out a little more than my foot would.

Overall, I am making pretty good progress this year. 2017-04-10 08-20-05

I did sign-up for the Unity 5K on 4/22 and the High on Life 5K in Pittsfield on 4/6. So I am starting to get ready to run a little quicker in the next few weeks, as long as the PF doesn’t get in the way.

Let’s hope that next week is very boring and that the PF flare-up calms down and stops bothering me. It would be nice to just run and enjoy running without too many aches and pains or worrying about how Dad is doing.

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