Running Uphill in the Wind Tunnel – RunLog 4-14-17

Yeah, I took Wednesday off, I just needed it.

I also know that if it is April, it will be windy and yes, I will whine about running uphill into the wind – it is a pain in the arse ;-).

Thursday was an easy 5.1 in the morning and then that afternoon, the left leg was feeling better, so I was dumb.

I wore the Adios Boost 3’s and I tend to be a little more aggressive than I should be and I had limited time for a quick 3.0 miles for lunch.

I started out at 7.6 mph through 2.0 miles, moved up to 7.7 for .5, then when I wasn’t feeling too bad, bumped it up to 8.1 mph for .25. At that point I figured why not and kicked it up to 8.6 mph (sub 7:00 pace) and then for the last .10 I got a little silly and bumped it up to 9.2 mph.

Probably not the smartest thing, but I like to run fast (for me) and I felt good running, since I haven’t for a while.

Today I paid for it and the left heel was a little tender.

Oh yeah, I did run – a little discomfort is nothing unusual. Continue reading “Running Uphill in the Wind Tunnel – RunLog 4-14-17”