Running Uphill in the Wind Tunnel – RunLog 4-14-17

Yeah, I took Wednesday off, I just needed it.

I also know that if it is April, it will be windy and yes, I will whine about running uphill into the wind – it is a pain in the arse ;-).

Thursday was an easy 5.1 in the morning and then that afternoon, the left leg was feeling better, so I was dumb.

I wore the Adios Boost 3’s and I tend to be a little more aggressive than I should be and I had limited time for a quick 3.0 miles for lunch.

I started out at 7.6 mph through 2.0 miles, moved up to 7.7 for .5, then when I wasn’t feeling too bad, bumped it up to 8.1 mph for .25. At that point I figured why not and kicked it up to 8.6 mph (sub 7:00 pace) and then for the last .10 I got a little silly and bumped it up to 9.2 mph.

Probably not the smartest thing, but I like to run fast (for me) and I felt good running, since I haven’t for a while.

Today I paid for it and the left heel was a little tender.

Oh yeah, I did run – a little discomfort is nothing unusual.

It was a planned easy 5.0 miles, but with the way the heel was feeling, I wasn’t sure how smart that would be. So I went out slowly into the wind, which in case you haven’t noticed I am not all that keen on. I ran a ways and suddenly decided, instead of going to the Barber Shop, I turned left at Leighton Road. First to get out of the wind and two to only do 3.0 miles.

Once I got out of the wind and I warmed up some more, my left heel was a bit tender, but it wasn’t getting any worse, if anything it was loosening up the heel a bit. When I got to the turn for the 3.0, somehow I missed it and kept going straight to Bond Brook Road.

Which unfortunately, comes out on Civic Center Drive and it was all uphill and into the wind until I got to the Planet Fitness turn off. It is a pain in the butt even without the wind, but the worst part is once you get by the Big Apple, the traffic is miserable and the running lane is pretty damn skimpy (definitely not all that safe).

I made it without any mishaps, although a Statie, was getting on the Interstate at a pretty good clip and didn’t yield to the pedestrian crossing. hehehe I saw him coming, stopped and let him go by. He waved and smiled, I just shook my head, waved, waited for him to go by and finished the run.

A nice run that I needed to do and while the foot was a bit uncomfortable at first things loosened up a little as I went along.

I still am not keen on running into the wind, but it is April and it will be windy, so suck it up buttercup. 🙂

One thought on “Running Uphill in the Wind Tunnel – RunLog 4-14-17

  1. I just always assume that cars won’t stop and work my way around and behind. It is easy in my suburbs, but when I am running in a more city-like environment I need to actually be mindful of traffic lights, etc.

    Also – the wind … yeah, when it is chilly already the wind can really tear through you, but when it isn’t too bad I just look at it as ‘resistance training’! 🙂

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