New Balance Vazee Rush V2 – 50+ Mile Review

Okay, I got a bit behind and my New Balance Vazee Rush V2’s have over 70 miles on them. However, I did make a change to them at around 50 miles and wanted to see if the change made a difference in how the shoes felt/performed.


Screenshot at 2017-04-16 11-34-27

First of all, they are last year’s model and I bought them on Amazon for a wicked good sale price. So they met one of the big requirements that I have they were reasonably priced. Continue reading “New Balance Vazee Rush V2 – 50+ Mile Review”

A Bit Muddy – RunLog 4-15-17

Finally, we were able to run through down-back. The ice is off the road almost all the way through, just a couple of spots that are more in the shade and those should be gone this week. That combination of bright sunshine, a pretty nice breeze and warmer temps will get rid of the snow/ice pretty quickly, which will allow the road to dry up and be nice to run on again.


It was a little muddy in places and by the time we finished Bennie was a mud pie Continue reading “A Bit Muddy – RunLog 4-15-17”