A Bit Muddy – RunLog 4-15-17

Finally, we were able to run through down-back. The ice is off the road almost all the way through, just a couple of spots that are more in the shade and those should be gone this week. That combination of bright sunshine, a pretty nice breeze and warmer temps will get rid of the snow/ice pretty quickly, which will allow the road to dry up and be nice to run on again.


It was a little muddy in places and by the time we finished Bennie was a mud pie


and I was fairly muddy myself.


However, I think we both had a little smile going as we plugged along in it or was that playing in the mud. I might have even jumped in with both feet in a couple of puddles we passed along the way.

You can get older, but you don’t always grow up :-).

The Saucony Guide 9’s with their tread design did better than I expected in the kind of mud we ran in down-back. It wasn’t deep mud, it was more wet dirt that would sink just a little and then stop. In other words as long as the local guys with the big tires don’t go busting up, all the work that the Town Crew put into the road down-back last years, should leave it in pretty good shape.

I am trying really hard to just run easy for a couple of weeks to see if I can get the PF to get back to normal, that will be interesting I am sure.

After lunch Bennie and I sat down on the couch and were going to take a quick nap and Bennie ended up in this position. We just couldn’t resist a couple of photos.

You’re bugging me, go away and let us sleep.

2 thoughts on “A Bit Muddy – RunLog 4-15-17

  1. I was surprised that you still had snow/ice around even in limited amounts! But then again the last snowstorm you guys got hammered and we got a few flurries, so …

    I had to laugh at the mud on Bennie and you! We have gotten enough rain that there was plenty of mud around, but it has mostly dried up – but the dogs are experts at finding it! 🙂

    Happy Easter and hope you guys enjoyed your nap!

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