Another Week In the Book – 4/16/17

Yes, last week was a pretty good week.


Nothing out of the ordinary happened, things were rather boring and life got back to normal. All good things.

We have had decent weather and have started doing things around the house again – outside. After a long winter there is always stuff to do around the house, a little repair work here and there, along with the yard work and putting up the greenhouse so Mary can get ready for gardening.

Screenshot at 2017-04-17 16-37-15

I am trying out Ubuntu Mate – a Linux distro and am very happy with how it is working so far – dual booted. Only a couple of things left to figure out and then I might have a few decisions to make. The biggest thing is getting the Garmin to play nice with Linux, but that has always been an issue.

Why am I even looking at Linux? The more I experience Windows 10, the less I am liking more than a few things about it. No, I will not do anything drastic right off, but if Microsoft keeps going in the direction they seem to be, I want other options available to me.

Alrighty then, lets finally talk about the week in running.

Not quite 40 miles, but I made it to the mid 30’s. With the way my left PF is acting up and affecting things in other parts of the leg, well I am pretty happy with that. Plus the fact that I ran a bit too fast on the treadmill on Thursday and got the left Achilles barking at me again…well I just gotta slow down a little.

weekly summary 4-16-17

The other good news is that down-back is finally runnable again!!! Which means that I have more options as far as different runs go, no more either doing laps on top or an out and back that includes coming back up the bitch. Although for now it does mean getting a bit muddy and having to clean up Bennie after 🙂


I did go over 500 miles for the year this week and as you can see have almost 90 miles already in April. So while the leg issues are slowing me down, they are not stopping me from running. Doing just a bit of “suck it up buttercup” at times, but just the way it is.

Summary 4-16-17.png

The Saucony Guide 9’s are doing just fine, but they would be better if they had the New Balance toe box. I can run well in them, but they are a bit more snug than the NB offerings I have and I will probably not go with Saucony 2E’s again, which to me feel more like a wide D-width than a EE. I like the ride/feel of the Saucony over any of the shoes I have run in lately, but the fit isn’t quite what I am looking for. Close, but not quite there.

Otherwise they would have been just about perfect.


Another good week in the books, now to get things healed up and see how I am feeling for the Unity 5K next weekend. I will decide whether to race or just run that morning and will either wear my AB3’s or the Guide 9’s.

I did write a 50+ mile review on my New Balance Vazee Rush v2’s – nice shoe, but they have a case of the dreaded tweener shoe

Until next week.

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