A Surprising Day – RunLog 4-19-17

This morning was a throw-back to colder temps and wearing winter gear again. No it wasn’t THAT cold, but 38*F, cloudy with a bit of a breeze made it feel pretty damn chilly. Enough that I was comfortable wearing gloves, headband, 3 layers on top and running tights.

Wimpy I am!

Especially, after running in shorts and t-shirts, it is just mentally demoralizing to have to gear-up for colder temps. Oh well, I will get over it and it is just normal Spring weather up heah. That wait a minute and Mother Nature will throw something else at cha thing.

Since down-back is fairly clear and not stoopidly muddy, I decided to go for a 5-6 miler without Bennie (Mary had offered to walk him). It is still slower going in many places down-back due to it being wet/muddy and slimey, but not horrible.

Screenshot at 2017-04-19 20-12-24

For 5.0 miles, I maintained a very even pace and effort, keeping my splits in a small window. The left heel was noticeable, but never got beyond discomfort and didn’t get any worse, although the Achilles was a bit more tender than I expected, but not too bad. Continue reading “A Surprising Day – RunLog 4-19-17”