A Surprising Day – RunLog 4-19-17

This morning was a throw-back to colder temps and wearing winter gear again. No it wasn’t THAT cold, but 38*F, cloudy with a bit of a breeze made it feel pretty damn chilly. Enough that I was comfortable wearing gloves, headband, 3 layers on top and running tights.

Wimpy I am!

Especially, after running in shorts and t-shirts, it is just mentally demoralizing to have to gear-up for colder temps. Oh well, I will get over it and it is just normal Spring weather up heah. That wait a minute and Mother Nature will throw something else at cha thing.

Since down-back is fairly clear and not stoopidly muddy, I decided to go for a 5-6 miler without Bennie (Mary had offered to walk him). It is still slower going in many places down-back due to it being wet/muddy and slimey, but not horrible.

Screenshot at 2017-04-19 20-12-24

For 5.0 miles, I maintained a very even pace and effort, keeping my splits in a small window. The left heel was noticeable, but never got beyond discomfort and didn’t get any worse, although the Achilles was a bit more tender than I expected, but not too bad.

The last mile, yeah I ended up doing a 10K, was…well it sucked. I just ran out of gas. I haven’t been feeling the greatest for a couple of days and it just caught up with me. Stevens Hill was just a survival shuffle and while I made it up to the top and to the end, it was more put one foot in front of the other and willing myself to keep moving forward.

Not quite the way that I expected to go over 50 miles in my Saucony Guide 9’s, but they got me up the hill and I will be doing my 50 mile review of them at some point this week.

Second Run

Didn’t happen. I went to Planet Fitness and was still feeling exhausted, so I said Enough and didn’t jump on the treadmill for another run. Instead I grabbed the foam roller and abused the legs for a while and then looked around for something to beat on my PF. I have found the perfect implement of torture – a 2 lb dumbbell with circular ends. I rolled my feet/arches and heels (both feet). It was exquisitely painful and the heel felt a little looser after I got done with it.

I had thought about doing some weights, but after torturing the body, I only had enough energy to do some balance work and a couple of yoga poses.

Overall, a pretty good day. 🙂

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