A Big Change In My Computing Habits

Remember I said that I was going to write about more than just running here, well this is one of those posts.

Technology and I have been acquainted for many years, but there have been storm clouds on the horizon for a few years now.


Over the past several years, well actually since Windows 1.0, I have been using Microsoft Windows products for my home computing needs and in many cases for work as well. For the most part Windows with a few notable exceptions has done well by me. I returned with hat in hand, after a forced trip into the world of Apple, when I was a teacher and had to use a Mac for a couple of years. Even then I had a Windows machine to bail me out of things when I needed one.

So I have been using the Windows OS for a while.

However, my expectations of what I want from my Operating System has changed over the years and it seems pretty evident that the Windows OS is going in a different direction than I am. Their ideas of privacy, usability and whose data is it (this is not just a Microsoft issue either) are different from mine.

Although if you connect your computer to the Internet, you do not have any real expectation of privacy, no matter what OS you use. Continue reading “A Big Change In My Computing Habits”

A Crappy Couple of Days – RunLog 4-22-17

After my 3.0 miles on the treadmill, when I shut down a planned 5.0 miler early yesterday, I just think everything caught up with me. I hadn’t felt great all week and not finishing that run just capped everything off.

Yes, something kind of damn bug is still making its rounds around at work and while I haven’t gotten whatever it is enough to stop me in my tracks or feel bad enough to call in sick, the constant lingering crap finally wore me down.

Even stubborn old farts get tired of feeling worse than usual.

Last night I got to talking with Mary and with all the rain/nastiness outside yesterday, the forecast of mid 30’s with a drizzle most of the day made me really think about how smart it would be for me to drive to Unity this morning. Simply to get my arse kicked because I am feeling like shite and probably do something stoopid like try to run faster than my conditioning or body is ready for. Thereby breaking/pulling or otherwise screwing up my body even more than it is.

You know the usual Harold the Destroyer mentality that I usually have about things. πŸ˜‰

Believe it or not, even though I pre-registered, I pretty much decided last night that unless the sun was shining and it was 50*F (not likely) that I wasn’t running it. When I looked out the window this morning, I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

It was an easy decision for a change.

I did walk Bennie three times, but that has been the extent of my exercise today. I am feeling a bit better and didn’t do a whole lot that was productive today.


Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow and get off my arse and do something productive. If I don’t then it will be two days in a row as a slug. πŸ˜‰