Running Old Tech – RunLog 4-25-17

Today is my 8-4 day and I actually managed to haul my lazy butt out of bed, get out the door and take Bennie for an early morning run. Usually, I am not into the early morning runs, but for some reason, I felt pretty good about getting out the door today.

The run itself felt strange because I wasn’t wearing my Garmin FR-35 with all the bells and whistles it has. It meant that I wouldn’t be able to upload all that wonderful data, think about how I was feeling when I the graph dipped way down and figure out all that other stuff that happened during the run.

Instead I focused on how my body was feeling, what Bennie was stopping to sniff and generally was more present in my run than I usually am. It was just a difference of perspective, instead of running to create data to look at after the run, I was running to create moments that I would remember.

I did chuckle when we came up on a couple of women walking on the Blake Road and one of them commented. “You dog sure does look happy out here this morning.” Bennie had that big doggie grin of his going and wanted to visit the ladies. Then he showed off by tugging on the leash as we ran down the little hill.

We ran up to the tar on Blake and turned around. We never really picked up the pace any, but kept a nice easy and steady pace for the whole run.

Run #2

I ran my 5K course over at Planet Fitness and had a couple pretty good surges coming down Leighton, then maintained my pace in a spot where I typically slow down on the right after the Legion Hall. Coming back against the wind didn’t feel nearly as hard as I expected.

It wasn’t a fast time or anything for this course, but I felt stronger and the left leg didn’t bother all that much, so it was nice to run without a lot of discomfort. Hopefully, I am on the other side of that PF issue, we will see.

Just as I finished the first of the rain drops started to come down and by the time I got back out to the truck it was coming down pretty steady. So I finished just in time to avoid a good soaking, although it is spring and if you run outside sooner or later you will run in the rain.

It was strange not being able to see the data points after running and having all that wonderful information to think about. Having to rely on my “wonderful” memory about what happened during the run should help focus me a little more once I get used to running without something else storing information externally. The biggest issue that I will have is making sure that I have the time in my spreadsheet or least written down before I start my second run – just have to remember to keep doing that part.

Getting back to running by landmarks instead of splits, will be an adjustment. 🙂

I do wonder what will change as far as what I focus on writing about going forward.

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