Foggy Run – RunLog 4-27-17

The temps were in the low 50’s, which was definitely shorts weather the only drawback was the fog, it was more than a bit thick in places.


I wasn’t sure of where I was going to run this morning and didn’t chose the route until I got to the turns. Over the past week I have been feeling tired and there has been a lot going on, so I just went by feel.

No I didn’t go fast, but I did go up to the top of Bartlett and when I came back down, I did pick up the pace, not race pace, but a nice downhill surge and then went back to a slower pace going back on the dirt road.

Once I got up on top, I met up with Mary and Bennie out walking. Needless to say I couldn’t run by him and not take Bennie along with me.

He was ready to run and we did around a mile. Although in a couple of places he wanted to head in the woods and play with the deer that were hanging out there. Unfortunately, he was attached to a pretty big anchor and even though he didn’t get to run in the woods, he did get to run and had a big doggie grin when we finished.

Although, once I started running with Bennie, I did have to take off my glasses they fogged up so badly that I couldn’t see out of them.

It wasn’t hot, but it was definitely humid and I worked up just a bit of a sweat. A nice run where I felt good the whole way. 🙂

Well the good news is that the snow is almost gone, by the end of this weekend, it should be all done – finally.


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