A Warmer Run :-) – RunLog 4-28-17

Happy Birthday Katie :-)!

Today’s run was one of those easy runs that stayed easy. Which was exactly what the doctor ordered, err body, err just what I needed. Well something like anyway.

The weather was warmish, 72*F, cloudy that turned sun almost as soon as I got out there, with a slight breeze, absolutely gorgeous weather for a nice walk, but a little warm for running (not that I will complain after this winter). So I did a LOT of sweating after that first mile.

I didn’t push, but I did maintain a steady pace throughout and I felt pretty good the whole way.

Today I wasn’t thrilled with the snugness of the Guide 9’s, I have a feeling that as the weather gets warmer, my feet swell a little more and causes the shoes to feel tighter than they might otherwise. So the G9’s might be limited to cooler weather, we will see.

A good run.

Saucony Guide 9 – 20 Runs Review

A bit of a change in how I decide when to review a pair of running shoes. Since I went away from basing my running on miles and started using time, having a 50 mile review seemed odd. When I thought about it, something that seems a little more accurate for me, is the number of runs that I did in a pair of running shoes.

Twenty runs seems to be a nice round number of times to run in a pair of running shoes. It is typically over 70 miles, but not quite to the 100 mile mark. I feel a little more comfortable reviewing shoes, with this level of experience than I do the lower bar of 50 miles.

Getting back to the review.

Well I have 20 runs in the Saucony Guide 9’s for a total of 12 hours and 30 minutes of running, plus more than a little time walking around in them. So I have a pretty good idea of how they are working for me and I am pretty sure they are broke in fairly well.

They are dirty, because they have been run in

In my journey into the world EE-width running shoes, I wanted to see if I could expand my options beyond New Balance’s offerings, to another brand that I have always loved – Saucony.

In the past the biggest issue I have had with Saucony shoes has always been the width of the toe box. So it seemed like a great idea to give their EE-width running shoes in my actual size 8.0’s a try. Continue reading “Saucony Guide 9 – 20 Runs Review”