First Run Nike Vomero 11 – RunLog 4-29-17

Another new pair of shoes. Yeah, I was down to 2 pair of shoes I could wear comfortably for running, walking and work and I needed another pair. The 860 v5s & v6s caused my PF to bark way too much and the 880 v2s, well let’s just say they didn’t hold up too (there was a reason they were still around on the discount rack.

While I am liking my Saucony Guide 9’s, for a EE width shoe they are still a little too narrow for my Hobbit like feet. This was narrowing my choices down to Brooks, Mizuno or Nike’s EE width. Since Brooks never seem to fit quite right and Mizuno’s while they do okay, I never am totally happy running in them.


Which left Nike, the company that I have probably run in more shoes, than any other brand out there. I was concerned because the last time I tried on Nike Pegasus 33 and a couple of other styles, I had to size up to 9.5 or 10.0 to get the width needed to get them on my feet comfortably. Which left a sizable overhang on the toes.

Running Warehouse had a nice sale on Nike Vomero 11 in 8.0 EE and when you added in Sam’s RTR 10% off kicker, it was a reasonable price to experiment with a Nike wide and of the EE offerings the Vomero is the one that seemed to meet what I was looking for this time the most. Comfortable, cushioned and a nice riding shoe for longer runs.

The Vomero 11’s are a bit wider than the Saucony, but not quite as wide as the New Balance EE and the heel has a little extra room, but V11 is padded enough that I can still get a good enough lock down for me.

On the run itself, it got pretty warm heading towards the Town Office and Bennie was more interested in finding mud puddles or the little streams on the side of the road than running in a couple of spots. However, I didn’t notice the feet heating up at all on the run, plus no hot spots, well come to think of it, I didn’t think too much about the shoes at all. Especially, after I met Mary on her run and turned around and ran/talked with her for almost 2.0 miles.


The Vomero 11’s had a nice soft feel at slower paces and when I picked it up at the end they moved right along, with a bit firmer feeling. The left foot liked the cushioning to ease that PF flare-up a little and the right foot felt fine the entire run, but I had on my thin socks, I have a feeling that my winter woolies, might be just enough to make me notice them on my right foot. So I just have to remember to wear my thin socks with them.

Overall, a nice 52:00 minute run and one of the better first runs in a pair of shoes in while, no real complaints other than I will be changing the laces to LockLaces. I just like them better. While the Vomero 11’s did come in little heavier, they don’t run heavy, I know that is an oxymoron, but I am not the only runner who has said that.

I think they will be a nice addition to the rotation.


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