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Month: May 2017

Another Week Done – 5-28-17

This has been one of those good weeks and three days into a five-day weekend (which is much needed at this point) has been, well needed. My favorite photo from […]

We Got A Bit Damp – RunLog 5-26-17

The beginnings of a 5-day weekend. My co-worker decided that she didn’t want today off and my boss offered me the opportunity to take today as one of my comp […]

Software Thoughts from a Linux Newbie

Last weekend, I wrote about my first month’s experiences in moving over to Linux from Windows 10 and said that I would be writing about the software I have been […]

Better Weather – RunLog 5-19-17

There the weather was a LOT nicer for running today. When I got out the gym’s door at lunch time it was a light rain and a pretty good breeze […]

Safety First – RunLog 5-18-17

I am finally getting around to yesterday’s run report. It has been a tough two weeks and the writing about running has taken a back-seat to everything else. Sometimes life […]

Week in Review – 5-14-17

A little late publishing, but life got in the way again. Okay, enough with the rain and the clouds, we need to see the sun! Yeah, I am still whining […]

Kipchoge and Nike Did Good

I waited a couple of days to sort out my thoughts on Nike’s #breakingtwo and what Eliud Kipchoge accomplished on Friday/Saturday morning. I also waited for most of the hue and cry […]

A Soggy Run – RunLog 5-6-17

Well, we stepped out the door and by the time Bennie and I got to the end of the driveway, it had started to rain again. It had been raining […]