Cinderella Running Shoes and Looking Back

The meandering thoughts of an old fart thinking back on running shoes and how that search for Cinderella running shoes has been an adventure at times.

On one of the Facebook groups I am a member of one of the members showed an old Nike Ad and it brought back a bunch of memories of the different shoes from that ad that I had run in, along with a bunch of other old shoes.

At times I have to laugh at myself first and then at more than a few runners. No, it is not a mean-spirited or mocking kind of laugh, it is more of a chuckle when I hear or read what other runners and I have to say about our running shoe brands, styles, models and choices in today’s world and when we look back at the old running shoes.


Runners have been and will always be looking for their Cinderella running shoe. I know that I have been looking for mine since the 70’s, and once upon a time or two I even thought that I found them (until they wore out and the search started over).

Back in the day, there were basically 4-5 brands (Asics, Nike, Brooks or Adidas, with New Balance and Saucony somewhere in the background and add in whatever one was trying to break in or remain relevant (Etonic, Turntec, Skaja, Hersey, Reebok, Puma, Pony, Converse, etc.) all with limited styles and lines to choose from.

Things were a bit different back then though.

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