A Soggy Run – RunLog 5-6-17

Well, we stepped out the door and by the time Bennie and I got to the end of the driveway, it had started to rain again. It had been raining on and off most of the night. and the forecast was for more rain throughout the day. So it was not really surprise, but I kind of thought it would hold off a little longer with the fog out there.


Obviously it didn’t, but it is spring and the rains will come. Luckily today it wasn’t cold and windy also, just a nice steady rain in 51*F and a light breeze. Actually, if Bennie hadn’t been with me, I would have enjoyed the weather.

Unfortunately, Bennie is not crazy about running in the rain and of course we had to go through down-back. The rain made it a bit slimy, wet and lot of puddles, but not impassable.

Once we got past Blake Road the fog was history and a nice steady rain was coming down. Continue reading “A Soggy Run – RunLog 5-6-17”