Running and Reflecting This Week – 5-7-17

It was a pretty good week for running in spite of work being hectic and I am continuing to learn more getting back to running without GPS and figuring out my running shoe rotation. Also I had a few thoughts about Nike’s attempt at #breakingtwo.

My favorite photo of the week was:

Wet and foggy

It is the week before Finals week or what I call Hell Week at work – so work has been a bit hectic getting ready for it and as a result, my total time running this week was down compared to last week.

Realistically, I expect the next week to be even less time running, because my focus will be on proctoring and processing hundreds of tests at our Test Center and also processing exams from our outlying Centers and Sites.

Yeah, hell week. 😉

Even though I don’t usually involve myself or write about the big goings on in running, I wrote a little about Nike’s attempt at #breakingtwo here and here. I think what they attempted was a good thing for running. While I have nothing in common with elite marathoners other than I set one foot in front of the other and they do also, I am still interested in their exploits and have a layman’s opinion about this story.

My Own Experiment

It has been almost two weeks since I put my GPS Watch on the shelf.

How has it gone?

The first week was tough mentally, however, when I put my GPS on the shelf, I also changed how I tracked my runs to only worrying about running time and stopped tracking time or pace. I really don’t think that I could have done as well as I have, if I had continued to track runs by distance/pace. Still it as a huge change of perspective to change from years of tracking my running by miles/time/pace to only tracking by time.

One of the biggest things that I figured out over this week was that I was always racing the GPS and the data it gave me after a run was over. I learned that I was overly worried about where the pace changed and trying to keep the pace consistent or faster than I really needed to on my easy runs.

Now that I am running with just a Ironman watch, all I worry about a consistent effort. At this point I don’t have a good feeling for what my pace is right now – although I can tell when I am running easy, comfortably hard, hard or fast for me. Which is enough for now, as I re-learn how to tell what is my pace, without using the GPS. Which means that I might just have to go to the track a few times to see where I am.

Will I get out the GPS watches again?

Yes, I will probably use it when I do my long run and for speed work. More for the recording what I am doing and giving me the data to look at later, rather than attempting use it to maintain a certain pace during a run.

To be honest, I am enjoying the freedom that running without a GPS watch has given me and could see me ignoring going back to GPS altogether at some point in the near future.

How was my running this week?

Not as good or as I much total time as I wanted, but better than I thought it would be. Lots of rain was contended with, which soaked my Vomero’s so much that I didn’t want to run in them for a couple of days.

The good thing about running mostly in the Vomero 11’s this week my Plantar Faciitis was improving considerably.


That was until Saturday when I wore my Guide 9’s after running and re-aggravated it. Which was frustrating as all get out, because I like the G9’s, but I have to get this PF healed up, so I can get back to running comfortably. I will put them away for a few weeks, but that meant that I needed one more pair of running shoes to alternate with the Vomero’s.

So I went out back of the garage and tried on several pair of my old running shoes that were in the give-away pile, but luckilyhadn’t left yet. I can’t go and buy another pair of running shoes everytime something goes wrong with shoes I currently have. Especially, when I think they will be fine when the foot finally heals up.

Surprisingly, when I put on my old Puma Speed Ignite 600’s, they felt just about as wide in the toe box as my Vomero 11 or the Guide 9’s, which are both EE-width shoes. The only problem that I really had with those shoes was where and how the Puma and Everfit overlays pressed on my right foot’s Tailor’s bunionette.

Last week I wrote a post about Cinderella running shoes and how back in the day, we performed surgery on running shoes to get them to fit better. So when I got to looking at the 600’s, they looked like a good surgery candidate.

Unfortunately, the Puma 600’s have the Everfit system and Puma’s Form Stripe (Logo) welded to the shoe, so even when I removed the little stitching that was there, they were still completely attached to the upper.

Which meant that I had to do some very careful knife work to get enough of the material off the shoe, so that it wouldn’t press against my foot while running or walking in the 600’s. Putting the hair dryer on high and running it against the overlays for about 5 minutes helped to soften them up enough that I was able to cut away about an inch of the overlays.
Not the prettiest I have ever done

Yeah, I got litte more of the outer layer of the upper than I wanted, but cutting in the welded overlay ain’t all that easy.

I think I got just enough material off to make them wearable.

I did run for 35:00 minutes in them this morning and the shoes felt good, but now I have to figure out which socks to wear with them – if I remember correctly they were finicky about the socks that worked even when I was running in them this winter and those that wore today didn’t work too well.

Overall a week of progress, thinking about running, remembering how to modify running shoes, getting a bit wet on several runs, but most importantly I was able to run and not feel nearly as much discomfort from my left foot as I have had for more than a few weeks.



6 thoughts on “Running and Reflecting This Week – 5-7-17

    1. It won’t be fun, but it is part of the deal and I will run as much as possible to help with it. I think the no GPS experiment is working out a lot better than I thought it would. If I was running someplace new, I would probably want it, but then again maybe I wouldn’t.

      1. I would still run somewhere new without it, but I’d want to track the course manually to know the distance I ran. I still haven’t given that part up. Otherwise, how will I know my yearly total?!

      2. That is the hardest part of not running by mileage now, I don’t have any baselines for what I am supposed to be doing. In a way that is a good thing, I am not artificially pushing the old bod to do an extra 2-3 miles to get 40 miles in for a week or the extra 10 to hit 150 and so on.

  1. I used to run with a heart rate monitor and loved the data. It eventually broke and I never replaced it and I get along just fine.
    I still use a GPS watch for all of my runs though. I love how easy it makes keeping track of my miles.
    Sometimes I race the watch but I’m pretty good at running based on how I feel.

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