A Needed Brain Drain Run – RunLog 5/13-17

There finals week is over, I went in yesterday morning and processed everything that we had received. It was a long and stressful week where we had to prep, proctor our exams and then process ours and all the incoming exams from outlying sites and centers. Yep by Friday afternoon I was brain-dead and when you add in that the person that has sat in the next desk over for almost two years was leaving that day for her new job, it made it even harder.

So by the time I finished cleaning out the inbox and a few other odds and ends on Saturday, I definitely NEEDED as nice long run!

I went down to the Kennebec River Rail Trail and planned on doing 5-8 miles, depending on how things felt. 

First off it was a gorgeous day, low 60’s, a light breeze in my face going out, lots of sunshine and surprisingly the Rail Trail was almost devoid of people. When I drove up I was surprised by how few vehicles there were in the parking lot and it seemed like there were even fewer people on the trail.

So much for people watching while running.

On the Rail Trail running by mileage is easier since there are markers every quarter-mile. I won’t say that I was kicking butt, but I did hit the 1.0 mile mark in 8:30, so I was doing okay. There had been a 5k run/walk on the trail that morning so there were still a lot of signs on the trail and when I got to Hallowell they were starting to take down the finish area.

When I got to the 5.0 mile turn-around point, I was feeling pretty good, although the right foot just never felt right from the start. It was like the sock had bunched up under my little toe and while it didn’t slow me down much, it was a distraction that got uncomfortable a few times.

However, I did see a bicyclist struggling up the hill and I thought I might be able to catch him. So I kept going and pushed the hill a little harder than I would have if hadn’t seen the cyclist. No, I didn’t catch him until about 1/2 mile down the trail, you know right at the 6.0 mile turn-around. I didn’t want to turn around right in front of him after working so hard to pass him, so I thought that I would do another mile down the trail and get around 8.0 miles in.

Err no.

Shortly after passing the bike, the body decided that it was time to, well you know, need to lose some weight and knowing where the next port-a-potty was, I decided to turn around at 3.5 miles (29:47) and hot foot it back to Hallowell. I made it to the blue box-barely, but I made it.

Then it took me about another half mile to get my pacing back and for the last mile I was able to muster out a 8:14. Which wasn’t too shabby and I wasn’t pushing all that hard. My overall time for the 7.0 miles was 59:37. Not anything to write home about, but a nice rung that was definitely needed to give me back a few brain cells, get the body moving again after a lot of sitting and just let me enjoy the outdoors for a bit after being stuck inside most of the week.

The Vomero 11 EE’s are a great shoe and I love the feel and ride, especially during the last couple of miles on the trail. They still were giving a nicely cushioned ride, but with a little pop too. However, I still don’t think that the EE in Nike is much more than a wide D-width in some other shoes and while I can run in them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that they are the answer either due to the toe box.

Maybe I could have foot surgery and remove the little toe and everything would be fine ;-).

Overall, a very good run, a good ending to a long week and saying until next time to co-worker who is moving on to bigger and better things. All I can say is that I am glad finals week is over. Now to get back to running and maybe training for something else.

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