A Rainy Spring N’OrEastah – RunLog 5-14-17

It was a great thing that this was rain, because it would have been a shitload of snow and right now we don’t need snow half-way through May. Even so it was still a lot rain and this morning’s run was definitely wet, cold (46*F) and just nasty.


Getting out the door was the hardest part of the whole run, neither one of us was all that enthusiastic about running this morning, but Bennie started to get a little antsy, so I figured it was time. We had waited for the rain to let up a bit, but naw, Mother Nature was going to test our resolve.

After getting out the door it wasn’t really that bad, although I did put my hands inside my long sleeves while we were heading out against the wind – should have worn my gloves, that breeze was downright cold.

Also, I was surprised at the number of trucks and SUV’s that were going through down-back. Usually, we met one or two vehicles and today on one of the worst days we met 6-7 of them. So that meant one thing

Bennie Intervals.

Not really what I wanted to do on a very wet dirt road, without my glasses on. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the Puma Speed Ignite 600’s traction in this stuff.


I didn’t slip and slide at all and after the first couple felt confident that I wasn’t going to land on my arse due to slipping on the road. All I had to do was avoid the mud puddles and not break anything on a slippery rock.

On the way back, I had thought about doing another lap on top, but Bennie was starting to act like he wanted to go in and when we got back to the house, he headed right up the driveway instead of running on up the road.

Sometimes the dog is smarter than the human.

Not the run we really wanted, but…

Bennie and I got it done


Even though we resembled drowned rats when it was all said and done.


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