Week in Review – 5-14-17

A little late publishing, but life got in the way again.

Okay, enough with the rain and the clouds, we need to see the sun! Yeah, I am still whining about the weather, just a different season. At least there isn’t any snow to clean-up (although some parts of Western Maine and NH did see a little bit) in the yard and the temps don’t have me wearing my winter parka. So there is hope for better weather, then I will be whining that it is so damn hot.

I guess you can’t please me unless it is 60* to 70*F, bright sun and a light breeze ;-).

Here is my favorite photo of the week


Bennie getting warm again after running in 40’s and rain.

Running wise, I ran pretty much according to the plan I am following. Yeah believe it or not I am sort of following a plan that will give me an idea of what I am supposed to do when running only by time. I am not going to say yet where the plan will lead me, but I have a couple of ideas.

Since I have switched over to running by time, I have noticed that I tend to not worry nearly as much about pace and have focused more running by how I feel and the amount of effort it is taking me. Although, when running on the Rail Trail Saturday, I pretty much knew that I was doing okay in the pace department too. Mile markers just make you look at your watch and when you “know” the distance you tend to do the math in your head automatically.

I am still fighting a little bit of Plantar heel discomfort (at least it is not pain now) and Achilles tendonitis in my left foot, which means I am still not doing any planned speed work. The only stuff I am doing right now are Bennie intervals and those are not all that long, but can get pretty intense.

The faster stuff still does bother my left foot a little too much and until I can walk 10 feet on my forefoot in the morning without pain, I will not be doing any racing. I have not met that criteria yet and until I can, I don’t trust myself to simply go to a race, run, have fun and not be really stoopid.

My right foot, just cut off the pinky toe already, it is in the way and causes a bit of discomfort on most runs. I haven’t figured out if it is the socks, the shoes, a deformity or some combination of the three, but when I run at some point it raises its ugly “I’m still heah feeling”, that is at least a distraction on almost all my runs lately. It never seems to be enough to actually stop me from running, but enough to take away a lot of the joy of running.

Oh well, I think it has something to do with the EE-width on some of my shoes being narrower than EE-width on New Balance shoes. Just wish New Balance shoes had the ride of my Vomero 11’s, oh well they don’t – at least I haven’t found any that do.

I am still playing around with Linux Operating Systems and having fun with that. I have tried out several on my old 2009 MacBookPro and found that some are great, others not so much and will probably will go with Elemental on the MacBook and decide between Mint or Mate for my ASUS. I am not totally happy with Mate, but didn’t use Mint long enough to have a good feel for it. I just love playing with the different systems – a tinkerer.

Overall, in spite of the rain and stuff a pretty good week, but the feet issues are frustrating me a bit, although the running by time has let me relax and not worry as much about what I am doing while – I just run according to how I am feeling.


2 thoughts on “Week in Review – 5-14-17

    1. Yeah, I am learning through the school of hard knocks that if I can’t walk on the forefoot without pain, I have no business running fast for me on them. At some point this summer I will be racing, but if I don’t, I will start looking at longer runs/races, where I don’t try to go as fast. Running an 8:00 paced half would be pretty good and not kill my leg, whereas a sub 7:00 5K results in no running for extended periods. I am a slow learner, but I am learning 🙂

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