Another Week Done – 5-28-17

This has been one of those good weeks and three days into a five-day weekend (which is much needed at this point) has been, well needed.

My favorite photo from the week was:

I am not fond of snakes, but this one has been sunning itself by the front steps and has been named Sally.

It has been a very good week for running, I don’t know what my pace has been for the most part, but at the same time I sort of, well almost followed the running plan for the week. Well not really really…take a look.

Weekly Summar 5-28-17.png

Yeah, I know I did about an hour and twenty minutes more than it said, but it could have been worse! I didn’t go for my planned long run today, just because I looked at the plan total versus what I have actually done.

However, I have kept a certain streak alive of only running once per day since May 8th (which coincides with when I started this thing), which is something that I wanted to try for a while, which is one of the reasons I did go to sort of using a training plan. It might mean that initially that I might not get as much time on the road as I have been, but I think going forward that it will be a good way to increase my time to where I want. As long as I keep following it most of the time.

Having a plan gives me a little more structure and a better idea of what I should be doing versus just running and not really having any idea of the direction I need to go to accomplish what I want this summer, especially since I changed to a time-based log system.

Runlog Overall 5-28-17

Which is?

Be  able to run consistently to my next birthday, without continually breaking something and well the second part depends on how the training goes and we will see on the goal when we get to August. By then I will have a pretty good idea of how I am holding together.

The biggest thing for me is to not do the faster pacing very often or for very long, which seems to break the old body down way too much. It seems that I can run longer/slower and not break things, but when I do the fast stuff, my left leg/heel begins to bother. That is the biggest reason why I haven’t done any races lately, I just don’t want to do something stoopid and not be able to run after.


The only shoes I ran in this week were the Nike Vomero 11’s, everything else has been bothering my left foot. It seemed to work my foot is starting to feel better, even though I can only run well in them without socks. Not quite wide enough in the toe box, but runnable as long as I don’t have socks on, which will not work in the winter in Maine, but luckily it is summer so I will keep running in them until they are worn out.

I purchased my first pair of footwear that is not running shoes in over 2 years this week – A pair of sandals. I don’t have any comfortable shoes beside my daily runners that fit all that well and am tired of the extra wear and tear on my running shoes that wearing them to work does on them. I can wear sandals to work, so I figured why not, they seem comfortable, don’t bother my feet and are cheaper to replace.

I am finding that for my trainers if I do 20 runs in them it is usually between 12 and 13 hours and for my “faster” shoes, closer to 10-11 hours of normal running. Which is in my opinion a better gauge of the shoes and how they are actually working for me.

The Puma Ignite 600’s and Nike Vomero 11’s are both at 20 runs and while I can run in both, they are going to have different reviews. Both are good shoes and for many runners will do just fine, but for me I am finding that I do better in daily trainers that have a softer heel. Surprisingly, the 600’s and V11’s toe box feel about the same, even though the V11’s are EE and 600’s are D widths. Just the difference in sizing and toe box design (rounded versus a more pointy one)

A good week of running and having a few days off in a row was very much needed.





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