May 2017 is Over and I am Still Running

My favorite photo from May 2017.

Bennie warming up after a cold-rain soaked run

May is usually the month that I injure, re-injure, screw something up and all the words that I can and can’t use in polite company to describe me doing something stoopid and hurting some part of my body, so it is in recovery mode for the rest of the summer.

You know that time of year, when I get so caught up in the idea of running faster, after a fairly successful 5K race or two in April that delusions of grandeur start dancing around in my head – yet again.

Guess what!!!!

I survived May.


Actually, I had a lot of problems with my Plantar area of my left heel and some tendon (somethingness) in my left Achilles back in April and didn’t do my usual 5K races to get all hyped up to do too much, too soon, and yes, too fast. So I have been more in a semi-conservative rehab mode versus my usual Harold can run faster mode during May.

month in review May 2017

Plus I think that a lot of the successful running can be attributed to starting and sort of/mostly following a time-based running plan (yeah, believe it or not me and a running plan), which had me running less than I normally would

Also about the same time I stopped using GPS.

I didn’t realize how much I was always racing the GPS, until a couple of weeks after I stopped using it. There was definitely a withdrawal period, where I really wanted to go back to running with GPS and all that wonderful data you get with it and a heart rate monitor.

However, it was getting to the point, I was doing things to have a good graph, pace, etc, which was self-defeating and not a positive influence on MY running. Now I really don’t miss it and don’t see me going back to using GPS or a heart rate monitor regularly anytime soon, if ever.

I have post planned about all that in a little more detail in the coming weeks, but for now it is enough to know that I haven’t used GPS during a run since April and am running more comfortably than I have in a long time.

During May I have started to look at my running very differently. Instead of running to blog, I am running for me and blogging for fun. It is a paradigm shift in how I am looking at my running, blogging and you know something it has been a good thing.

I know that I am happier with my running and blogging (even if I do not publish posts as often as I used to).

Home computing

Then I have also changed a lot of how I use technology at home. I haven’t been all that happy with Windows for a few years. The direction I prefer to go with my computing, doesn’t seem to be the same direction that Microsoft is going with their products. After, yet another interruption in the middle of my working on something from a Windows 10 update (even though I thought that I changed the settings), I decided to do something about it.

Screenshot from 2017-05-20 20-08-47

I deleted Windows from primary home computer and installed a Linux OS distribution called Ubuntu Mate on it. Since then I have been experimenting with several different Linux flavors on my old MacBook Pro. While I prefer Elementary or Mate, I am also taking a basic Linux course and as a result needed to install Ubuntu, because that is one of the three primary Linux OS they use as an example.

However, that is one of the great things about Linux, it is easy to change to a different distro, especially if you have a laptop that you don’t care if you screw up. Although I did accidentally reformat my external back-up drive by not be observant enough when I thought I was reformatting a pen drive. My fault and while I didn’t really lose anything, but now it means that I will have to go in and really clean-up my folders, photos and music when I download them from Google.

Probably something I should have done a long time ago.

So far I am very happy with moving over to Linux and the biggest issue that I have is figuring out how to use Wine and install Never Winter Nights or NWN2, although I have installed Baldur’s Gate and Divine Divinity along with some other games that I enjoyed playing over the years. Wine just isn’t intuitive for me, but that is the only thing that I have had any issues with on any of the distros.

Other than that minor thing, I am really liking my experience with Linux and have even used the terminal a few times and the more I use it, the more it reminds me of  using DOS back in the day. I can’t say that I will use terminal all that much, but it is nice to know that if I had to I can and some things like installing some software is easier from the terminal.

Running Shoes

Unfortunately, New Balance running shoes just do not work with the way that my body works – no matter how much I want them to. When I was running in them regularly my left heel area bothered – A LOT. Luckily since then I have been able run well enough in Saucony Glide 9’s and Nike Vomero 11’s to keep running and not continue to irritate that region of my left foot.

However, I also have learned that neither of them are the answer for me.

They both have tapered toe boxes and with my Hobbit feet, even with EE-width shoes in those brands their offerings are not wide enough for my right foot with its Tailor’s Bunionette issue.

Which means that I am still searching for a pair of running shoes that actually is the answer to my running shoe problem. I have a couple of ideas, but now just have to try a couple of things out – what else is new.


May was a month of consolidating and continuing the changes that I started in April. It was a pretty good month and the best part is that I finished the month still being able to run.

Which is not usually how May ends for me. Maybe not running in races, is a good thing for me to keep running healthy. Maybe I should just keep running down here and not worry about the racing stuff as much.


Bennie agrees and is looking forward to heading down-back for Yet Another Run Down-Back (YARDB)

4 thoughts on “May 2017 is Over and I am Still Running

  1. Funny you mention the GPS – I got all excited about the Garmin again, and then realized I just didn’t care that much, just wanted to love running, and so I have just been using the Apple Watch.

    And really – I think that getting in and out of May healthy is definitely a win!

    1. Yeah, the heart rate monitory, daily workout stats that the FR-35 and yes the GPS all brought artificial stress that I didn’t realize was happening until I stopped using them. I find that I am more relaxed about a lot of things to do with physical activity now that I am not tracking my every move or counting my mileage to the nearest 100th. It depends on your goals for running and mine are changing, so the need for exactness has diminished accordingly. 🙂

  2. That’s definitely a successful month! I don’t know if taking it easy and building slowly now means you have to call off all races forever. Maybe make your goal to run the summer injury free and have some races on the horizon for the fall?

    1. Oh, I have a feeling I will race, but not at the levels I had attempted before. The flame to compete is growing dimmer and different priorities are taking back my running :-). I will probably, well maybe run a race in June, a July 4th race, then after I turn 60 in August run a few more and maybe even a surprise race in October – dependent upon how the old body is holding up. We shall see on that one.

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