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Month: June 2017

Retiring Again

Retiring Again Retiring – it seems as though I have done this before, that deja vu kind of feeling you get at the oddest moments…mmmm wait a minute, I remember […]

Vacation Week – 6/25/17

Well we all need a nice vacation week now and then. With everything that has happened in June this year, it was definitely needed! The Good I pretty much gave […]

Nike Vomero 11 – After 20 Runs

Events have overtaken the finishing of my Vomero 11 review, I am now up to 30 runs in them and while everything is pretty much the same as I would […]

Staying Safe – RunLog 6-13-17

Sometimes I do have a brain and do use it. Yesterday, I ran outside in 85* to 90* temps, it wasn’t bad because I didn’t attempt to do anything stoopid. […]

And So “It” Begins

Today the first step was taken. After talking a LOT with Mary, we decided that it was time for me to go back to being retired. We have worked hard, […]

A Tough Week – Week Ending 6/11/17

Last week I attended the funeral of my brother-in-law Phil on Thursday – it was not something that I expected to do for many more years.   Since Mary’s brother […]

Lancaster Flip Flop – RunLog

This was a LONG day. I got on the road at 6:20 AM and got home at just about 5:00 PM. In between I made a trip to Waterville, then […]